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Brazil thrash Paraguay in the Copa America on a night filled with great performances from Vinny Junior

Brazil thrash Paraguay in the Copa America on a night filled with great performances from Vinny Junior

Vinicius Junior scored two of the four goals in the match (Photo: Reproduction, X, Conmebol)

Brazil defeated Paraguay 4-1 on Friday evening (29) in the Copa America Championship. With two goals from Vinny Junior, one from Savinho and one from Lucas Paqueta, the team won and qualified for the next stage of the Copa America. It was Alderete who scored for Paraguay.

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The first half started without many chances. In the 29th minute, Paqueta shot from the edge of the penalty area, and the ball hit Cuba’s arm, leading to a penalty kick for Brazil. Paqueta hits, but ends up getting kicked. Shortly after, Vinny Junior began to shine, and in the 34th minute he scored the first goal for the Brazilian national team.

Shortly after, in the 42nd minute, Rodrigo swept into the area with a dribble and beat down the Morenego defence. The ball hit Espinosa and Savinho had to shoot and score Brazil’s second goal of the match. Before the end of the first half, Vinnie Jr. scored another goal, in the 49th minute, to increase the lead to 3-0.

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Paraguay scored their only goal of the match early in the second half. Two minutes into the match, Wendell intercepted a cross from the right, and Alderete caught the ball from the edge of the penalty area, scoring a beautiful goal for Paraguay.

But the night would be a defeat. In the 17th minute, Savinho kicked the ball and it hit Villasante’s arm, so the referee awarded another penalty. Lucas Paqueta took the ball, but this time he succeeded in scoring Brazil’s fourth and final goal of the match.

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With this result, Brazil took second place in Group D with four points and will face Colombia on Tuesday (2). Paraguay exits Copa America after defeat.

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*Pablo Brito is a trainee under Diogo Masanero.


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