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Brazil saves the key players and wins 3-1, and Venezuela closes the last four in the Olympic preliminary qualifiers – Play

Brazil saves the key players and wins 3-1, and Venezuela closes the last four in the Olympic preliminary qualifiers – Play

The final pre-Olympic quadrilateral has been determined. The last place went to Venezuela, which beat Brazil's full reserve team 3-1 in Caracas and surpassed Ecuador in the classification. The home team joins the Brazilians, as well as Paraguay and Argentina.

The Brazilian opponent on Monday, in the first round of the quadrilateral – the best duo going to Paris – 2024 – is still undetermined, but it may already be a classic with Argentina, if the arch-rivals do not reach the top of the other. group this Friday.

Brazil entered the field for the final round of the pre-Olympics tournament with their place and top spot already assured. Already thinking about the final four, coach Ramon Menezes has rested his key players. Endrik, John Kennedy, Andre Santos, Alexander, Marlon Gomez and goalkeeper Mikael all started on the bench in another disappointing performance in the competition.

The match was of little value to the Brazilians, but it was of vital importance to the home team. With Brigido Iriarte's stadium full, the incentive was to achieve a victory that would qualify Venezuela for the decisive stage, in which Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay had already been secured. The Brazilians had Ecuadorian fans who relied on a green-yellow equaliser.

How was the game?

With its weak attack and the presence of a team armed for counterattacks, Brazil did little to threaten Rodriguez's goal in the first half, despite the rush of Gabriel Beck, Mauricio and Gabriel Pirani in the attacking sector.

To make matters worse, the patchwork defense – with starters Michel and Kiki Bruno cut due to injury – bungled two moves and saw Segovia open up a healthy lead for the Venezuelans with just 31 minutes of the ball rolling.

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The number 8 opened the scoring in the 10th minute after completing a beautiful schedule with mere observers watching the beautiful Venezuelan plot, and Segovia added another beautiful goal in the 31st minute. After a mistake by defender Lucas Fason, who was content with watching the long ball, the midfielder took control and shot a cross from the ball. The boundaries of the penalty area amid a huge celebration from the local fans. Matthews Donnelly, two minutes later, saved the team from scoring another goal by shooting the ball wide of the goal. He will perform another miracle after the corner kick and header from Vivas.

Fason made up for his mistake in the second goal by avoiding the third goal. Martinez passed Donnelly and shot into the open goal. The defender crossed the goal line. A sleepy and uncreative Brazil did not threaten until the last minute, with a shot in the penalty area that did not hit the target.

Dissatisfied with Brazil's lack of football, Ramon Menezes appealed to Andric and Marlon Gomez after the break. The team even began to occupy the field more offensively, but they allowed a counter-attack and found themselves at a greater disadvantage in the ninth minute, with an own goal from Riquelme after a cross from Lavaca.

The goal increased the player's frustration and lack of desire on the field. Completely disorganized, with a defensive midfielder, a central full-back and hidden forwards, Brazil did not end up dangerous again until the 28th minute, as Endrik sent the ball wide. Beck even tried to send a ball into the corner to cover, but he was too aggressive. Alexander scored the goal of honor in the end.

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