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Seringa com Covaxin, vacina contra Covid-19

Brazil remains 67th in the global Covid vaccine application ranking

An injection with Covaxin, the Covid-19 vaccine
Photo: Adnan Abedi/Reuters (January 16, 2021)

Brazil is still ranked 67th in the global ranking for the application of doses Covid-19 Vaccine This Saturday (10) for every 100 people. The country, which started vaccination almost six months ago, was 56th in this ranking, and in recent days, it has reached 70th.

Among the countries that make up the G20, a grouping of the world’s 20 largest economies, the country ranks tenth. According to the data updated by CNN agency, Brazil shows 53.71 doses applied per 100 population.

Followed by the United Kingdom at the top of the list, at 117.95 for every 100 people. Canada is in second place (110.91), followed by the United States (99.56). Next, Germany (97.08), China (94.87) and Italy (92.46) appear. France (87.51) came in seventh, followed by Turkey (67.88), Saudi Arabia (55.72), and Brazil and Argentina (53.21).

Given the absolute numbers of vaccination, China continues to lead the ranking, with 1.36 billion doses already applied.

India is in second place, with 368.9 million doses applied. Next, the United States, with 332.9 million doses applied. Brazil remains in fourth place, with 113.7 million doses applied – the same situation if we consider the G20 countries.

The United Kingdom ranks fifth, with 80.07 million doses applied in absolute numbers. The data was collected by CNN agency With information from state health departments and from the Our World in Data website, which is linked to the University of Oxford in the UK.