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Brasileirao: Botafogo beats Fluminense in the classics and stays top

Brasileirao: Botafogo beats Fluminense in the classics and stays top

Cuesta celebrates Botafogo’s winning goal in the derby match against Fluminense (Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo)

Classically at the top of the Brasileirão table, the Botafogo They beat Fluminense 1-0 on Saturday (20th) and ensured they follow another run for first place. Defender Victor Cuesta scored the only goal of the match at Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Fluminense had the ball for most of the game, but struggled to get out of the pressure from Botafogo, who scored on top as much as the team struggled with gas. Alvinegro’s best chances came from a set piece in the second half.

data sheet

Botafogo 1 x 0 Fluminense

Game history: May 20, 2023, Sat

time: 6:30 PM (Brasilia time)

Duration: 100 minutes (49 + 51)

local: Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro

general: 24,732 gifts

Enter: 1,203,565.00 Brazilian reals

a race: Brazilian Championship (seventh round)

to rule: Braulio da Silva Machado (FIFA / Santa Catarina)

Assistants: Bruno Boschilia (Fifa / Paraná) and Thiaggo Americano Labes (Santa Catarina)

Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Delonso Ferreira (Santa Catarina)

Yellow cards: Tiquinho Soares, Marçal, Cuesta, Eduardo (Botafogo), Lelê, Nino (Fluminense)

red card: Fernando Diniz (Fluminense)

Objectives: Cuesta (2/29, 1-0)

Botafogo: Lucas Pere Rafael (de Placido, between half-time), Adrillson, Cuesta, Marsal; Chi Chi, Gabriel Perez (Marlon Freitas at 2/38Q), Eduardo (Sampio, 2/48); Junior Santos, Tequinho Soares, Luis Henrique (Vitor SA, 2/21Q time). Artistic: Luis Castro.

Fluminense: Fabio, Samuel Xavier (JFK, 2/34T), Nino, Philippe Melo (Manuel, in 1/21), Goga; Andre, Lima (Martinelli, at 2/29Q); John Arias, Jansu, Gabriel Pirani (Lili, half-time); German Kano. Technical: Fernando Deniz.

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Botafogo vs Fluminense match: goals and decisive moments

The first started with a few emotions. The first dangerous shot came at the 13th, as Junior Santos kicked on the outside and was carried away by Fabio. The goalkeeper got into action again near the end, this time with a strike from Gabriel Pires. Playing as a visitor, Flo had more possession of the ball, but did not threaten the goal of Lucas Pere, who only worked Kanu offside.

Already in the second half, Botafogo feared again on the 28th, when Junior Santos hit from outside the area and Fabio sawed it. In the corner, Flo’s goalkeeper underperformed, the ball was left to Tuquinho to put in the area again, and Cuesta deflected, sitting up, to open the scoring.

Towards the end of regular time, Lille had Fluminense’s best chance. On a left ball that went through the Botafogo defence, the striker caught Lucas Pere, but had no room to put it in the goal.

Felipe Melo feels a hamstring and is left in the first half

Defender Felipe Melo almost didn’t play in El Clasico Fufo. It had been a little over 20 minutes on the court before I could feel the back of my left thigh alone. He ducked to try to block a counter-attack and got his foot caught in the artificial turf – which, however, was still highly praised by the players. The veteran even tried to return, but on the next step he again felt pain and gave way to Manuel.

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Fireworks three minutes before the game

Botafogo fans greeted Clasico Fuvo, against Fluminense, with great celebration at Estadio Nilton Santos. In addition to the flamethrowers and cheers of the fans, the nearly three-minute pyrotechnic display made the broadcast turn up the volume of Narrator Renata Silvera’s voice.

Denise is fired for complaining

Botafogo next matches

Cesar Vallejo vs Botafogo, for Copa Sudamericana, in Trujillo (Peru) – May 25 (Thursday), 9:30pm (Brasilia time).

Botafogo x America – MG match, for Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro – May 28 (Sunday), 7 pm (Brasilia time).

Fluminense next matches

The Strongest x Fluminense, for the Copa Libertadores, in La Paz (Bolivia) – May 25 (Thursday), 7pm (Brasilia time).

Corinthians x Fluminense, for Brazil, in Sao Paulo – May 28 (Sunday), 4pm (Brasilia time).