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Bradesco issues transactions via PIX using another bank balance

Bradesco recently announced the release of pix Via Open Finance. With this service enterprise customers You will be able to make transfers From accounts in other banks. This means that it will be possible to send the values ​​through PIX deducting the resources of any other organization where the customer has an account balance.

The novelty promises to make everyday life easier for many Brazilians. Despite this, it is important to remember that the service is gradually provided to customers Bradesco. “The implementation of the new function will provide more convenience for our customers to implement Transfers via pixel. Newness is another attraction that encourages a commitment to open finance, said Antonio Daisuke, director of current account and cash management at Bradesco.

Transfer PIX via Open financing at Bradesco It will allow the customers of the institution to start the process in the bank application, however, to complete it, the user will be directed to the platform of the second bank. At this point, to ensure the safety of consumers, it will be necessary to inform the credentials to access the account and complete the process.

Learn how to create a PIX via Open Finance at Bradesco

To make a transfer via PIX using Open Finance in Bradesco, it is necessary to know the login and password of the two institutions to be accessed. Next, the customer must enter the PIX area of ​​​​Bradesco, select the required amount, select the debit option and the bank that wants to make the payment.

The user will then be directed to the chosen organization’s platform, requiring authentication to confirm the operation. In this way, the specified amount will be debited from the customer’s account.

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More information about Open Finance

Open financing, also known as open bankingis a supervised system by the Central Bank of Brazil. This system allows users Financial Services They have more control over their choices, enabling citizens to allow their data to be shared between different financial institutions.

For the central bank, this technology brings more competitiveness to the shop, where customers can move to establishments where fees are lower or which have more beneficial services. Another advantage is that the system significantly reduces the bureaucracy of traditional credit analysis.

This is because of technology open financing It allows sharing of information between different organizations. Despite this, it is important to remember that all establishments need to be licensed by B.C.E.. In addition, the system allows customers to transfer their bank accounts across different platforms and not just through the institution’s application or website.

Since it is a new technology, Open Finance still causes some insecurities to citizens. However, According to the central bank, the entire process of the new system is overseen and takes place in an environment with several layers of security, such as consumer authentication and other participating organizations. Therefore, users can use Open Finance to transfer information and carry out transactions via pix do not worry.

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