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BOX: Property auction with up to 80% off

The Federal Savings Bank An online auction will be held next Tuesday (19), with properties available in all regions of the country. Interested parties may submit their offers through the Fidalgo Leilões website.

Among the real estate: houses, apartments, land and commercial establishments. What’s new is that it is possible to get discounts of up to 80%. See more below!

Caixa real estate auction

In all, 240 properties will be sold in many states of the country. Check the number of properties by state:

  • Alagoas (6);
  • amaba (1);
  • Bahia (3);
  • Ciara (9);
  • Federal District (1)
  • goias (4);
  • Maranhão (1);
  • Minas Gerais (4);
  • Mato Grosso do Sul (2);
  • Mato Grosso (4);
  • Bara (17);
  • Paraíba (14);
  • Pernambuco (25);
  • Biaoui (2);
  • Parana (43);
  • Rio de Janeiro (21);
  • Rio Grande do Norte (10);
  • Rio Grande do Sul (22);
  • Santa Catarina (7); And the
  • Sao Paulo (14).

According to Fidalgo Leilões, many properties have been auctioned by cashier discounts. Some can be up to 80% of the appraisal value.

Caixa Tem released a MICROCREDIT card of up to R$3,000 in July

In July of this year, Caixa Econômica Federal has a credit method called SIM Digital, which can be requested directly through the app. square his. The good news for this small loan is the waiver to the one with a sloppy name. However, it is necessary to know what criteria were evaluated and which allow the loan to be granted.

At first, the new version was released CAIXA loan It aims to serve individuals and entrepreneurs (MEIs). According to the bank, the amounts can be up to 3 thousand Brazilian riyals. In principle, the proposal is to reach a large audience of beneficiaries with this measure.

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According to information from Caixa, the offer of credit must reach at least 40 million Brazilian citizens. However, it is important to note that this was a long-term estimate. In the coming months, it is estimated that 5 to 10 million people will search for digital SIM values.

Previously, in terms of financial volume, Caixa Econômica’s official account is receiving up to R$10 billion in total in six months.

The data shows that more than 602 thousand people have applied for a so-called digital SIM since the beginning of applications at the end of last March. Of these, more than 499 thousand are estimated to be negative. We are therefore talking about 83% of the contracting parties. This is the vast majority of cases.

How does microlending work?

The main difference for this new CAIXA microcredit is the interest rate. First, for individuals, the rate is 1.95%. On the other hand, for small business owners, the rate is 1.99%.

However, in both cases the debt can be repaid in installments of up to 24 installments, that is, for a period of two years.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the application procedure is also different for the individual entrepreneur of individuals. In the first case, a small loan can be requested through the application square hisIn the second case, the order must be made in person at a Caixa branch.

Furthermore, when asked about the negatives associated with microcredit, Guimarães said: “That rate of 1.95% per month on personal credit you would hardly have. This is even less of a payroll type. Microloans without a guarantee fund are about 3.9% per month. “.