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Botafogo’s performance: Cuesta and Marsal returned well. little imbalances | Botafogo

kitten (target): Little required. It was safe when turned on. Note: 6

Raphael (LAD): Defensively, it required more effort from Adryelson and Júnior Santos (especially in the first half) to block the right side of Alvinegra’s defense. Note: 5

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Adryelson (ZAG): Safe, keep your white and white defense protected without major issues. Note: 7

Victor Cuesta (ZAG): The defense guard safely and managed to score the equalizer with a beautiful header into the opponent’s area. Note: 8

Avai vs Botafogo: Cuesta – Photo: R.Pierre / AGIF

Marsal (LAE): Order actions on the left side of the team. He hit a perfect free kick on the head of Victor Cuesta, who tied the match. Note: 8

Chi Chi (VOL): She maintained her regular level of performance. He protected the black and white defense and was good on the ball. Note: 6

Gabriel Perez (VOL): did not give up. Out at break. Note: 5

Edward (MEI): He managed to regain the vitality that the midfield lacked Botafogo In the previous match against Palmeiras. He had a good finish from afar in the first half. Note: 7

Junior Santos (ATA): He had to help Raphael in marking from the right side. In the first attempt to cover the side, he committed a penalty by dribbling into the area. Note: 5

Tiquinho Soares (ATA): It’s often said that he can deliver everything that is expected of a good striker. In Risacada, it was no different. He switched places with Jeffinho when he was being targeted a lot, made a pivot, and carried a tag and:goal. Note: 8

Jacob Montes (MEI): It was participatory and decisive for Botafogo in “opening” their match in the second half. It debuted well. Note: 6.5

Victor SA (ATA): He joined in place of Junior Santos, who didn’t have a good first run. It also helped provide more movement for the white and white attack. Note: 6

Mateus Nascimento (ATA): I entered when Tiquinho Soares got tired. I didn’t play much in the game. Note: 5

Philip Sampaio (ZAG): entered the end of the second half. There is no degree.

Danilo Barbosa (VOL): Came at the end of the second half. There is no degree.

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