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Botafogo mentions his Alfingras tours to the UK and a positive review of what happened in the past against the British

Botafogo mentions his Alfingras tours to the UK and a positive review of what happened in the past against the British

a Botafogo He travels to London, the capital of England, next week, for a showdown Crystal castle, in an international friendly match. With the goal of bridging the gap between past and present glories, the Department of Communications today begins a series of reports–supported by the historian Uriel de Almeida – And relive the important moments of glorious history.

match vsthe Eagles“It is not only an opportunity to raise the level of confrontation of the team, but also the marks The return of an old club tradition, which includes big tours and matches around the world🇧🇷 Glorioso has been to the UK on other occasions.

However, even before playing in the region, Venegro already had a good record against English teams, even defending Indomitable against opponents from the Old Continent. In the era of amateur football, Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro hosted teams associated with British ships and won all matches.

In 1908, v.s amethysttwo games and win it 2 to 1 And the 4 to 3🇧🇷 Two years later, I ran into an ArgyleAn impressive victory 5 to 3🇧🇷 At the end of that decade, I faced Botafogo fame On two occasions it won 5 to 3plus a historical track from before 11 to 1🇧🇷

Years later, with more professional football, the Lone Star team returned to play against British teams. This is how he faced it between 1948 and 1951 Southampton And she won it 3 to 1Face Arsenaltwice, tying the first 2 to 2 and win second place Second and forces measured using Portsmouthwhen I stayed in 1 to 1🇧🇷


But the first time Glorioso played as a visitor and was on British soil, was in fact in 1956. On this occasion, there were four matches and immunity was preserved. tie to 2 to 2 as such Fulham It was Alfingro’s first team appearance. After the round, he defeated Plymouth Argyle for every 3 to 2, in Plymouth. against BurleyNew victory 2 to 1🇧🇷 Termination of residence in the country, duel with Brentford And another positive result: 3 to 2🇧🇷

Inspired by a past full of history and victories, Alvinegro returns confident and motivated to England. This time led Louis CastroThe Fangra team concludes the 2022 season in this match against Crystal Palace and hopes to maintain the good record against the English teams.