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a Botafogo He returned to confirm the domain worker, asserting himself, and even with an unnecessary struggle, he won Red Bull Bragantino 2-1 Wednesday evening (26) at Nilton Santos Stadium. The result led Glorioso to the top of the G8 Brazilian Championship, with four games remaining, with 47 points, but suitable opponents still playing in the round (see rating at the end of the text). Now dry!

With his attacking formation, Botafogo started the match leading Red Bull Bragantino and witnessed an impressive first half. However, the ball took a while to get in. In the 13th minute, Junior Santos took advantage of a straight ball in the middle and took it at the start, the kick was deflected by Luan Candido and Clayton saved wonderfully. Then, Tiquinho Soares was fired by Gabriel Pires, but Cleiton managed to get ahead of himself.

Glorioso scored in the 17th minute after a series of chances. Marcel took a corner kick, Victor Cuesta headed in and Clayton saved the corner. Then, Marcel crossed from below, and Tequinho Soares, with his heel, hit the post. Then the 9 Alfinegro shirt was dropped by the goalkeeper on the rebound and Gabriel Perez took the rest to finally deny the score zero.

Outstanding in the penalty area and excelling on the field, Botafogo continued to dominate, but ended up wasting good chances to better match counter-attacks to expand the score and, as they say in football parlance, “Kill the match”. Thus, he ended up with a bit of an unnecessary choke at the end of the first half, but managed to go into the first half up front.

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The match remained dangerous in the second half, as Red Bull Bragantino managed to have more ball and produce more. And then there was the tie. In the 17th minute, after a cross from the right, Adryelson made a foul, headed back and Luan Cândido, free, took control and kicked the ball to leave everything level at 1 to 1.

Then Botafogo was forced to quarrel again. Givinho almost put Fougau ahead, but Clayton fired into the left corner. Then, at the 25th minute, Grid swung. Patrick de Paula, who had just entered, fired Junior Santos on the right, and playing the striker into the area, the ball deflected into defense and left clean for Chi Chi to make 2-1 for Glorioso.

After the goal, Botafogo tried to calm the match and managed to maintain superiority until the final whistle, as he received this cry from the fans after two consecutive defeats against Nilton Santos.

Botafogo next matches

And Botafogo will play again at Nilton Santos Stadium in the next round, against Cuiaba, next Tuesday (1/11), at 19:00, for the thirty-fifth round. Next, Glorioso will face Atlético-MG, at 7, 8 p.m., in Mineirão.

data sheet
Botafogo 2 x 1 Red Bull Brigantino

date and time: 10/26/2022 – 19:30
Rule: Diorgens Jose Padovani de Andrade (Spain)
Auxiliaries: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (FIFA/BA) and Fabiano da Silva Ramirez (ES)
Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Delonso Ferreira (SC)
Income and audience: 269,673.00 BRL / 9,984 Payments / 11,093 Gifts
yellow cards: Gabriel Perez (bot); Kevin Lomonaco, Eric Bobo, Gabriel Novas and Aderlan (RBB)
red cards:
Objectives: Gabriel Perez 17 feet/1°C (1-0), Luan Candido 16 feet/2°C (1-1) and Chi Chi 25min/2°C (2-1)

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Botafogo: Katito Fernandez; Daniel Borges, Adrillson, Victor Cuesta and Marsal; Chi Chi and Gabriel Peres; Junior Santos (Diego Gonzalez 44min/2ºT), Tequinho Soares, Givinho (Lucas Biazon 34min/2ºT) and Victor Sa (Patrick de Paula 22min/2ºT) – Coach: Luis Castro.

RED BULL BRAGANTINO: Clayton. Aderlan, Kevin; Lomonaco, Nathan and Luan Candido; Gadsom (Heoran – Interval), Raul and Lucas Evangelista (Gabriel Novaes 30min/2ºT); Artur, Werik Popó (Carlos Eduardo 30’/2ºT) and Sorriso (Helinho 17’/2ºT) – Coach: Maurício Barbieri.

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