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Boston musician recovers R $ 70,000 flute lost in a taxi 9 years ago in US |  The world

Boston musician recovers R $ 70,000 flute lost in a taxi 9 years ago in US | The world

Heidi Sliger, an American multi-instrumentalist this year, recovered a flute worth $ 12,960 (about $ 70,000 at current prices) from a taxi seat in Boston, USA, in 2012.

The story was published in the “New York Times”.

In 2012, he worked at a bar at night and tried to apply to a band called the New England Philharmonic.

She finished a night job at the bar and took a taxi home. According to Slicker, she immediately forgot the flute in the back seat.

Branner Brothers Flute Profile – Photo: Breeding / Branch Brothers

The flute cost $ 10,000, but today the value of the instrument has skyrocketed.

Without the flute, the slicker philharmonic would not have been accepted. He’s still on the same bar today, but now he’s a music director.

In March, he received a message from the flute maker Bronnan Brothers.

The company was approached by a Boston store.

A person entered the store and asked to assess the value of the flute. Shop manager,

The person who picked up the flute was unaware of the instrument, which is rare, said Brett Walberg.

He wrote down the data of the instrument such as the serial number and took pictures. The flute company found the owner’s contacts.

Boston police have visited the man who tried to sell the flute. He bought the tool from a stranger and handed the piece over to the police.

Police said the person who wanted to sell the instrument at the time the flute was forgotten was a taxi driver.

He may be accused of receiving.

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