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Boris Johnson visita a Escócia

Boris Johnson toured Scotland, despite a positive outcome for Kovit-19 in the squad

Boris Johnson is due to visit the Scottish Police College, Tulsi, near Kincardine, Scotland, on August 4.
Photo: James Closeup / Pool / AFP / Getty Images

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continued his tour of Scotland after a member of his delegation tested positive for Covit-19, deciding not to isolate himself, like the other members of the tour.

Downing Street sources confirmed that an employee received a positive test result and followed “appropriate guidance”, but insisted that the trip ended Thursday (5) – in full compliance with the guidelines against Govt-19. Downing Street said the prime minister was “not in close contact with anyone with a positive outcome.”

However, a source familiar with the trip said CNN The man was with the Prime Minister in Glasgow on Wednesday (4) before boarding a flight to continue his journey in Aberdeen. The source added that the man was tested when he arrived in Aberdeen. The team member who did the positive test and some other members of the entourage were isolated.

A Downing Street spokesman said CNN The Prime Minister “continues to visit communities across the UK and all aspects are being carried out in accordance with the Govt-19 prevention guidelines.”

According to the Scottish government, which sets its own health rules separately from the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland, anyone with a positive test for Covid-19 should be self-isolated “within 10 days of the onset of symptoms in those with symptoms”. .

Intimate contact is defined as “someone who has been physically close to a confirmed case long enough to spread the virus.”

The Cowit-19 guideline in force in the UK, set up by the Johnson government, states that “if a person has traveled in the same vehicle or plane, they too can be in close contact.”

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However, on a plane, the guideline states that “the risk of spreading over a distance of 2 meters is very low”. Guiding on a larger plane than a car is easy, even on a Johnson plane you are not within six feet of the person you tested positive.

It is not clear what criteria was used for employees who asked to be withdrawn. When asked why Johnson did not isolate himself, the Downing Street source said he was “tested before leaving for Scotland and another PCR test” on the last day of the Prime Minister’s visit to a sea breeze.

As strictly defined by the guideline, Johnson may not have been in close contact with the employee who did the positive test. But in the past, it has been criticized for not following the broad guidelines of the rules set by the government.

Johnson’s visit to the UK is part of his long – term intention to show his personal support for Scotland’s permanence and to oppose the trend towards support for Scottish independence.

When the Scots voted 55% to stay in the UK in 2014, Brexit and epidemic increased support for a new referendum.

In the 2016 Brexit poll, 62% of voters in Scotland were in favor of staying in the European Union. In the following years, Scottish nationalists argued that Scotland was expelled from the EU against its will because of voters in the UK. Johnson led the campaign in 2016 to expel the UK from the EU.

Despite Johnson’s affection for Scotland and his appointment as Union Minister, he remained a divided figure in Scotland. The trade unionists wonder if he is the best person to defend Scotland’s permanence in England.

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