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Boris Johnson has until Friday to respond to allegations of party corruption

Boris Johnson has until Friday to respond to allegations of party corruption

Boris Johnson must submit his answer to the questionnaire on the ‘Partygate’ scandal by this Friday, the last day of the deadline required by the Metropolitan Police – remember that the questionnaire for the British Prime Minister was issued last Friday. There are seven days to respond. Downing Street has already stated that the document will not be made public, and has asked police not to release the number 10 photos provided during the official investigation into the scandal.

Police have made it clear they do not want to divulge details once the investigation is complete, with the UK policymaker promising to disclose if fined.

However, the Liberal Democrats filed a petition seeking the release of the full list of elected officials, senior civil servants and fined political appointees. Sue Gray’s statement should be published in full with all the evidence and photos that accompany it – the Metropolitan Police confirmed that it had received about 300, some of which were backed by Boris Johnson.

British police are currently investigating the ‘Partygate’ scandal, which included a photo of him holding a beer can in the hands of the British Prime Minister at his birthday party in June 2020. However, Downing Street promised earlier in the week. Boris Johnson has already insisted that the Prime Minister’s answers to his inquiry will not be released and that officials will “have a lot to say” about corruption once the investigation is over.

With 12 ‘illegal’ meetings on Downing Street under police surveillance seeking to determine whether existing restrictions against Govt-19 have been broken, 50 people are currently being investigated by British police – the prime minister is accused of being involved in at least six cases.

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