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Boris Johnson faces a conservative rebellion in Parliament over the micron – the international alternative

Weakened by a series of scandals, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday (14) suffered a rebellion among his Conservative MPs against restrictions to contain the micron formula, leaving the controversial leader in awkward position.

To limit the spread of the new type of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, one of Europe’s worst-hit countries by the pandemic, which has killed more than 146,000 people, Johnson announced several measures that were voted on in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

The procedures consist of the use of masks indoors, daily testing for contact cases, mandatory vaccination and health passports at multiple events, such as nightclubs or football stadiums.

The latter was the most controversial for most lawmakers in Johnson’s Conservative Party, who dealt him a heavy blow.

Like the other three, the measure was approved with the support of the Labor opposition, which defended the “national interest”.

But of the 126 votes against (versus 369 in favour), at least 97 were Conservatives against the executive.

That number represents more than a quarter of Johnson’s bench and the biggest internal rebellion he has experienced since taking power in 2019.

– Surrounded by scandal –

According to the government, measures are needed to ensure that hospitals do not collapse in the coming weeks.

Health Minister Sajid Javid defended the “measures are balanced and proportionate”, assuring MPs that the government would not hold them for “one day longer than necessary”, when discussions opened in the plenary session.

Two years after his historic election victory with the promise of Brexit, the prime minister has seen his popularity plummet and has faced several calls for his resignation since last week, spurred by a series of scandals.

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The British rejected a series of events that took place in Downing Street in December 2020, when they were not allowed due to the pandemic: an online competition in which Johnson participated, physically surrounded by staff, and his supposed Christmas party. Collaborating staff.

Moreover, the revelations add to a string of accusations of corruption and nepotism, as happened when Johnson tried to change parliamentary rules to help Conservative MP Owen Patterson, who was convicted of pressuring government officials to defend two companies for which he worked as a paid consultant.

On Thursday, there will be a partial legislative election to fill the vacancy in Patterson, who has resigned, and the entire country has its eyes set on this small rural area in central England. If the Conservatives lose, it could precipitate a blame movement within the party against Johnson.

According to political columnist Robin Pettit, Johnson – a former journalist and former mayor of London known for his unorthodox style – could help him avoid a scandal or scandal.

But if the backlog problems persist, “the Conservative Party has always been very tough on firing leaders who don’t act,” the AFP analyst said.

– Cancellations before Christmas –

According to Minister Javid, the micron variant will have the potential to infect about 200,000 people per day. However, the number of new cases detected this Tuesday, adding all the variables, was officially 59,000.

The wave has already been felt in the entertainment world, where many popular music shows, such as “O Rei Leo” and “As Aventuras de Pi”, have been forced to cancel their presentations due to positive cases of the virus in their bands.

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English football has also been hit, with the Premier League – the country’s main division – reporting 42 new cases on Monday, a record number since they began publishing test results in May 2020.

In Scotland, whose independent regional government decides on health standards, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon also warned of the virus’s progress, explaining that eight people had already been hospitalized with microns.

“We are not asking them to cancel or modify their Christmas plans,” he said, but urged Scots to “limit their indoor social interactions” to no more than three cores.