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Book: The US Army's High Command fears Trump's coup |  Scientist

Book: The US Army’s High Command fears Trump’s coup | Scientist

The information is in the book.I can fix it on my own– “I Can Fix This Myself,” in a free translation – By journalists Carol Leonig and Philip Rucker of the US newspaper “Washington Post”, excerpts from the work were released on Thursday (15).

General Mark Milley (right) in uniform escorts President Donald Trump and his entourage on a march to St. John’s Church in Washington on June 1 – Photo: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

For the military, which is the chief of the US General Staff, the Republicans refused to accept defeat by Joe Biden In the November 2020 elections, it was A sign of your intent to maintain power anyway.

According to Millie’s book Compare the moment of tension around Trump with the taking of the Reichstag Parliament Germany – By Adolf Hitler, 1933. In the episode, Hitler captured A Suspected fire in the German Congress to suspend civil liberties and centralize power in his government, paving the way for Nazi unification.

Photo from January 6, 2021, the day of the invasion of the US Capitol, shows police officers talking to supporters of US President Donald Trump, including Jacob Chansley (right), outside the Senate floor – Photo: Manuel Balci Cinita/Associated Press

When Trump called his supporters to a rally to Washington in November, Milley, the president’s appointee, worried that he was growing “brown shirts in the streets,” as the book notes, in reference to Hitler’s violent militia.

Trump insisted on claiming, without evidence, that a fraud robbed him of a second term, calling for another demonstration on January 6, When his supporters attacked Congress.

National Guard tightens security in Washington after Capitol raid and a week before Biden’s inauguration – Photo: Brandon Bell/Reuters

Then Mielle planned after that mass resignation With other senior officials to make clear that they will not accept Trump’s coup.

According to the book, Millie told her assistants, “They can try, but they won’t work.” “You can’t do it without the army. You can’t do it without the CIA and the FBI. We are the guys who have the guns.”

The book, due out next week, is his most disturbing view of how Trump’s refusal to accept defeat within government is conceived.

Milley had already resisted Trump’s desire to call on the military to counter anti-racism protests earlier this year.

This led him to doubt Trump’s motives, especially after the election, when the president began replacing senior officials, including at the Pentagon, with close supporters, even though he only had a few weeks in office.

“Millie told his team that he believed Trump was fomenting an insurrection, and may have hoped to have an excuse to invoke the Insurrection Act and call in the military,” the book reads.

Trump denies coup attempt

People hiding in the Capitol Gallery during the invasion of Donald Trump supporters – Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

In a statement, Trump repeated his baseless allegations of election fraud but denied that he had threatened a coup. The Republican called Milley the person seeking favors from the “radical left”.

“If I were to stage a coup, General Mark Milley would be one of the last people I would want to do,” Trump said.

Videos: Trump supporters invade the Capitol

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