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Bombo!  Bruno Henrique's outbreak, Ronaldo stories of a 'phenomenon' and Flamengo's top 5 competitors

Bombo! Bruno Henrique’s outbreak, Ronaldo stories of a ‘phenomenon’ and Flamengo’s top 5 competitors

The sports world delivers flawless news on Tuesday (13). It’s the ESPN.com.br It brings the best of what has happened.

Bruno Henrique was one of those responsible for cheering the team Flamingo Before entering the stadium for the Brazilian Super Cup Final against Palm trees. The “ shyness ” even then faded during the lecture and called Felipe Melo – the midfielder had already said he did not see Red Black Club a rival to Palmeras – as a “big factor” to impose himself on the field.

“The men said they don’t want to compete with Flamengo. That’s a big factor, going on the field and doing what we have always done, imposing on players, getting in on players, and always shaking for what we want. What do we want to“ be a hero ”shouted before the match.

Yuri Djorkaev, former champion with France in 1998, played with the Ronaldo V phenomenon intermilan He revealed that the former Brazilian striker had left his team-mates and even the coach lacking such quality and skill.

“Whatever he (Ronaldo) did was crazy. Plus, he reproduced what he did in training in matches. For him, there was no barrier between the two. Often times we would stop to watch him go by two or three numbers in the small area. Easily, even The technician was laughing, “Djorkaev recalls in an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe.

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Coach Rogiero Ceni, the Brazilian champion and Brazilian Super Cup champion with Flamengo, has listed five teams he believes could fight at the top in the 2021 season: Along with Red, Black and Palmeiras, the coach believes SyndicateAnd the Atlético MG e Sao Paulo He will argue over the title.

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