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Bolsonaro says the Caixa president is “amazed” by the corruption. Guimarães blames other departments – the economy

President Jair Bolsonaro This Thursday, the 19th, stated that the president cashierAnd Pedro Guimarães, conducted investigations and was “amazed” by the corruption that exists in the State Bank. When disclosing the institution’s balance sheet, Guimarães mentioned “problems from previous administrations” between 2009 and 2015 that caused a loss of R$46 billion on the bank’s balance sheet, according to accounts released Thursday by the current administration.

“I asked everyone to review the past and he said he was shocked by what he had raised in a few months about corruption in Caixa,” the president told his supporters present at the door of the Palácio da Alvorada. Guimarães was in charge of Caixa for two and a half years. He took office at the start of Bolsonaro’s term, on January 1, 2019.

Disclosure of the bank’s second quarter resultsGuimarães himself stated that the economic losses of the previous administrations were related to the investments made through Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) Or “poorly offered” loans, all of which are well known.

Caixa’s net profit was about R$6.3 billion in the second quarter, but according to Guimarães, the result was R$8 billion to R$9 billion. He said the difference in numbers was due to effects such as lowering FGTS management fees, under Caixa’s responsibility. In the year, the change consumed R$3 billion of public bank profits.

Another factor, as head of Caixa, is the need to provide economic losses for problems in previous administrations, from 2009 to 2015. In this period, the current administration estimates a loss of more than R$46 billion.

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“In the past, these factors were very important. Today, they are not relevant, and Caixa has been able to achieve increased profits despite lower FGTS and economic losses with bad loans and investments,” he said at a press conference. .

To make a profit for the bank, according to Guimarães, it is not just about “robbery” and not lending to a company that does not pay, does not sponsor football teams. “I’d rather lend 500,000 to a micro-enterprise, it’s a lot less default and there’s a drizzle all over Brazil,” he said.

He concluded, “It is better than lending to two large companies. There is not much potential for corruption because the average loan card is R$100,000 and not R$10 billion, R$15 billion.”


In addition to suspicions of Caixa, Bolsonaro said a survey of suspected wrongdoing in B is ready.National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). According to the president, the annual installments of international loans were not repaid.

The BNDES attack is an old speech by Bolsonaro, who said, during the 2018 presidential race, that he would open the institution’s black box. As Estadão revealed, the bank spent R$48 million on internal audit, but found no irregularities.

Bolsonaro said the supposed new suspicions regarding BNDES will likely be addressed next week, during a live broadcast on social networks. He did not say whether or not the head of the foundation, Gustavo Montezzano, would attend.