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Bolsonaro asserts that he challenged Anfisa: “Do they not believe in science?”

Bolsonaro talks about his life

President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed that he spoke with Anvisa about the quarantine. During a traditional Thursday live (23), he explained that he complained to the agency’s servers. He even gave a negative hint about Covid-19 vaccines once again.

“Anvisa recommended that I be in quarantine, and I even questioned the staff. ‘Even those who have been vaccinated should be quarantined? Don’t you believe in science?” said the Brazilian government official.

He needs to stay in quarantine for five days, because he was in contact with the Minister of Health. Marcelo Quiroga, who is in New York, has been diagnosed with Covid. Now he will have to stay in the US for the next 12 days.

“Today, I learned that two other people, of his acquaintances, known all over the world, have contracted the virus. I spoke with both of them, exchanged an idea with them, and asked not to be named. But I ask: Is the vaccination passport effective? Quiroga can be there,” added Bolsonaro. .

DCM reported that the president was very angry with Anvisa. “What are they going to do? Arrest me?” The verdict was pronounced by an interlocutor to DCM on the condition of anonymity. He also asked the governor, “Do they think I’m Argentine?”

The quote referred to the fact that Anfisa invaded the match between Brazil and Argentina to keep players who did not adhere to the quarantine. For Bolsonaro, directing Anfisa was a bit of a challenge to the president’s style.

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Bolsonaro x Anfisa

The DCM also reported that the Brazilian government official was aware that the agency would talk about isolation. So he decided to talk to ideological allies to see how to move forward. The advice he heard was that he should face Anvisa and not comply with the prescribed quarantine time.

When he officially learned that he would need to spend 14 days in isolation, the president explained, “I won’t.” Anfisa was aware that this was going to happen and she was also ready to face it. He informed that he would use legal resources to enforce the law.

Opposition deputies were preparing to criticize the head of the federal executive branch. He understood that it was an insult to the country’s leader not to respect the agency. In fact, some were looking for a legal loophole in this matter to file a lawsuit at the STF.

Centrão despair. Bolsonaro’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly and Quiroga’s COVID-19 virus have once again ignited the political scene. The president’s possible disdain for Anfisa will set the country on fire.