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Bolsa Família: The majority of beneficiaries with aid amounting to R $ 375

Bolsa Família: The majority of beneficiaries with aid amounting to R $ 375

Do you know worker? Most Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive the largest amount of new emergency assistance, of R $ 375. At least when looking only at the group of those who immigrated from the program. Whoever says this is the federal government itself.

According to official information, 14 million people welcome Bolsa Família in Brazil today. Of these, about 10 million spontaneously migrated to emergency aid. Of this group, about 5 million receive the most aid.

So it can be said that about half of Bolsa Família beneficiaries who immigrated to aid receive the highest value from the program. Still according to the federal government, 3.3 million Rials receive 250 Rials and 1.1 Million Rials receive the lowest amount of R $ 150.

This happens for a simple reason. There is a rule of greatest benefit to these citizens. So people can only switch from Bolsa Família to Auxílio if the amount of aid is in fact greater than what they received before. So a large portion of the people who had already acquired a higher value ended up not migrating to the new enterprise.

According to official data from the Ministry of Citizenship itself, which is responsible for the aid and the Bolsa Família, the average Bolsa payout today is around R $ 190. This means that many people receive less than that on a monthly basis.

The difference from the informal

So it is a very different situation from what we see with informal workers. In this case, most of them receive the lowest amount of aid, which in this case is R $ 150. On the other hand, only a minority receives the largest amount, which is R $ 375.

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Ultimately, this logic makes the bill less weighty to the government. The number of informal workers receiving emergency aid is much greater than the number of Bolsa Família beneficiaries receiving funds from the same project.

According to the same federal government data, about 29 million informal workers had received the first batch of emergency aid as of Thursday (29). Meanwhile, just under 10 million Bolsa Família received this first batch. So the greatest amount of payments is even with informal payments.

first aid

As is well known, the federal government’s emergency aid pays four installments of values ​​ranging from R $ 150 to R $ 375. According to Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes, this could change and the government could even increase this number of premiums. However, the information we have so far officially indicates that there are four plots of land.

In total, the government has 44 billion reais in the funds to spend on this program. So far, they have spent around 8.63 billion reais, according to data from the same federal government. Nearly 39 million people have already received the first installment of the benefit.

Since the government’s idea is to pay aid to about 50 million people, it is safe to say that the plateau still has space to fill. This means that they can put more people in help. Dataprev continues to analyze the recording of people who are still able to enter the program.