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Bnews · The classic scene from The Simpsons disappears;  Find out why

Bnews · The classic scene from The Simpsons disappears; Find out why

Published on 06/11/2023 at 9:02 PM Disclosure/Fox/Disney Recorded by Marco Dias

After 34 years, Homer Simpson is no longer choking his son Bart, putting an end to the classic scene where the character punished the boy’s rebelliousness by squeezing his neck, causing his eyes and tongue to pop out.

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The decision came in the third episode of the 35th season of the cartoon entitled “McMansion and Wife” (McMansion and Wife, in free translation), which was broadcast on October 22 in the United States.

In the scene (see below), Homer shakes hands with his new neighbor Thayer, who praises his new friend’s strength. Then the heroine of the series answers: “See, Marge? Choking the boy pays off! Just kidding: I don’t do that anymore, times have changed.

I just found out that after over 30 years, The Simpsons has finally retired its long-running gag of Homer strangling Bart.

Take them long enough pic.twitter.com/JuHyNu1eiK

– Simon A. (Baby Lamb Creations) (@BabyLamb5) November 2, 2023

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989, has aired over 750 episodes, and is available to stream in Brazil via star+.

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