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BNDES chief says the crisis will be long for the poor

Gustavo Henrique Moreira Montezano, President of BNDES

The head of the BNDES, Gustavo Montezano, said this Tuesday (28) that the economic crisis of the Bolsonaro government will harm the poorest for a long time. He said that Brazil will face a major challenge in fighting social inequality.

For the elites and the more developed classes, the crisis is over. For the most disadvantaged, the crisis will be very long. It increases our social imbalance. Therefore, we have to act urgently, implementing tax and administrative reforms. To move forward with this structural reform agenda in Brazil because for those without work, the urgency is far from over.

Since the 2016 coup, Brazilians’ lives have only gotten worse. With Bolsonaro in government, the people’s situation was desperate. Electricity bill is constantly increasing. Food, cooking gas and fuel prices are very high. Millions of families today live in extreme poverty.

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Fakhoury and BNDES

The Covid CPI will hear on Thursday (30) businessman Ottavio Fakhoury. In addition to funding the dissemination of false news about the Covid-19 epidemic and alleged involvement with the hate office in Palacio de Planalto, Fakhoury is the central figure in the discussion of the project to establish a communication network with radio and television stations, with a bias towards the pocket and the right.

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According to a report from Congress in focus, CPI senators compare what they found out about Fakhoury with what the PC CPI revealed about former Congressman Jose Carlos Martinez’s ties to Fernando Collor’s treasurer, PC Farias, in a similar project to create a communications network linked to the then-president of the republic. , who was an ally of his power project. At the time, it was discovered that Martinez had received money from PC “ghosts”, fake bank accounts that the cashier had used to fund the scheme’s personal and project expenses.

Information held by Covid’s CPI shows Fakhoury’s conversations with Pocketnarist interlocutors. Especially Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), blogger Alan Dos Santos and PTB party leader Roberto Jefferson. To assemble a communication structure associated with the Pocket Narist project. In the talks, the use of financing resources from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to finance the project was considered.