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Blumenau receives the German delegation, which acknowledges Fritz Müller’s efforts for science

On Friday morning, the 20th, the city council received a German entourage that recognized Fritz Müller’s efforts for science at the end of 2022. The visit, which seeks to strengthen partnerships between cities in Brazil – especially in the south of the country – with Germany’s West Pomerania region, was greeted with a ceremony in Salão Nobre at Blumenau City Hall, at 9 a.m.

The business delegation, headed by the head of the Mecklenburg-West State Chancellery, Mr. Patrick Dahlmann, came to Blumenau to strengthen ties and discuss strategies for promoting German language education. That is, in addition to partnerships and technical and business knowledge with companies located in the region, the visit also has an artistic nature.

It continues after the announcement

“In January 2021, we applied for recognition of the academic studies of Johann Friedrich Theodor Müller, better known as Fritz Müller, while studying at the University of Greifswald. In December, the University Board decided to recognize Fritz Müller’s efforts in Sciences, as well as awarding him, on the basis of anatomy, the Order of Merit “, says Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture and Institutional Relations (SMC), Rodrigo Ramos.

Interim Mayor Maria Regina spoke about the existing relations between Blumenau and West Pomerania in Germany. “In December 2022, when the university responded to our request for scientific recognition of Fritz Müller, we were invited to visit the university to strengthen the relations that unite the two countries. Now we welcome them to our city with the same goal. Ultimately, this effort has found support from other entities and researchers, reinforcing the importance made and continues to be made by researcher Fritz Müller with many contributions to humanity.”

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On this occasion, a certificate, an official letter and a medal were presented from the University of Greifswald, where Fritz Müller studied, but for personal reasons did not receive a medical degree. Fritz Müller’s relatives were also honored.

After the ceremony, the delegation of more than 20 people from the German region, including the president of the region’s businessmen’s association and mayor Kerstin Bokalos, from the city of Torgelo, went to the headquarters of the General Secretariat for Economic Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. (Truth). In the Blumenau Technology Park, visitors participate in a business meeting with businessmen to exchange information about business between the two countries.

At Sedec’s headquarters, in addition to getting acquainted with the entire structure that houses the technology park, a bilateral economic meeting will be held focusing on matters of interest to the delegation, especially in the areas of environment and renewable energies, information technology and sustainability. Predictions are that before leaving the city they must visit the shrine of Dr. Blumenau.

The mission also depends on the presence of Mr. Hans Dieter Beuthan, who represents the interests of the Blumenau family in Germany, in addition to the presence of the Consul General of Germany in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina Milan Andreas Simandl.

Communication Consultant: Eduarda L’Orgien

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Source: Blumenau SC City Council