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Blumenau conveys two concerts with the organ

Blumenau conveys two concerts with the organ

Blumenau’s two main tube members will be echoing next weekend in Blumenau. Gocha organist Anna Schneider will have two concerts with live broadcasts via the Municipal Secretariat for Culture and Institutional Relations (SMC) and Evangelical Church Lutheran Recognition Center (IECLB). The shows represent two important moments in Blumenau’s music history.

The first party will be at Lutheran Church Parish Center Blumenau, Friday, 19:00, Broadcast by social media networks SMC, IECLB and private post by Simone Westphal. The property, which is listed as a National Historic Heritage, will be undergoing restoration, so the sound instrument will also need modifications and maintenance. Initial expectations are that it will remain silent for 24 months.

The other organ, which was installed in the São Paulo Apóstolo Cathedral, after years of hiatus from maintenance, has been completely refurbished and will appear again inside the temple, marking Anne Schneider’s ceremony to reopen the use of this acoustic instrument in space. The show will take place on Saturday May 15th at 8:15 pm, also on social media. On both days, presentations of sacred Brazilian music and works of famous composers are scheduled.

Both events are supported by Shopping Neumarkt and the Honorary Consulate of Germany. The event at Igreja Espírito Santo is also supported by Rádio União FM, Alameda Haus and Escola Barão.

a path

Anne Schneider is a Brazilian organist, daughter of organist, conductor and composer Leo Schneider. He started into music very early, taking lessons with his father, with his mother Maria Helena, singer, piano teacher and vocalist, and with Harriet Hoffmann, piano teacher at Leo Schneider Conservatory of Music, from Colegio Americano, Porto Alegre (LOL). He studied Bacharelado de Orgão (musical instrument) and piano and earned a degree in philosophy all at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). He also completed the virtue course at the same institution. He is currently Senior Organique at Martin Luther Community, IECLB in Porto Alegre, where he coordinates international member meetings.

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Anne Schneider has performed for nearly three decades at international festivals and famous soap operas (about a thousand concerts) in Germany, Argentina, Chile, Belgium, Brazil, Slovakia, the United States, France, England, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Uruguay and Switzerland, in the cathedrals and cathedrals in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Paysando, Niteroi, Morelia, Guadalajara, Pompeii, Bruges, Borg, Colin, Saint-Plain, Dijon, Blois, Warsaw, Krakow, Altenberg, Sens, Hanover, Heiligenstadt, Karlsruhe, Munich, Valparaiso and Liverpool, and the Imperial Cathedral of Rio Petropolis, among others.

Ann Schneider has eight CDs recorded, one of them solo – it was the first CD for members from the Southern region, featuring authors from Brazil, as well as two DVDs (one related to her 25-year career), recordings on cassette tapes, television and international radio stations.

The organist has been producing and presenting the Toccata program, on UFRGS-AM 1080 Radio, since 1999. She is currently a consultant at the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (OSPA). In December 2011, he was awarded the Legislature Medal of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul, and was listed on the famous Polish site Organy Piszczalkowe, as one of the 100 best musicians in the world.

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Concert by Anne Schneider at Lutheran Parish Center, Blumenau
When: Friday May 14 at 7 pm
Where to see it: On Instagram Embed a Tweet, On Facebook Fundacaoculturaldeblumenau, communityblumenaucentro, and on Youtube Lutheran Blumenau Centro
Concert by Anne Schneider at the Cathedral of São Paulo the Apostle
When: Saturday May 15th at 8:15 pm
Where to see it: On Instagram Embed a TweetOn Facebook Fundacaoculturaldeblumenau

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A history of the tubular system

Since ancient times, music has been used as a compliment. One of the most important tools of the Christian Church is the organ, which Mozart considers “the king of instruments.” The Lutheran Church is known around the world as the “Church of Music”, as Germany’s greatest composers were born between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, most of them Lutherans, and composed hymns for the church to which they belong. Also around this time, sacred Lutheran music began to spread throughout the world and reached the Americas.

The tubular organ of the Church of the Holy Spirit

The tube organ present today in the Espírito Santo Church was the first to be built in Brazil by the Guilherme Berner Company, from Rio de Janeiro. The community acquired the instrument in 1930 and it was inaugurated in 1933. The main goal was to accompany the community in its chants, weddings and graduations. Meanwhile, since its beginning of its history, the Evangelical Lutheran Church has served as a “concert hall” for the Blumenau community, making an important social contribution. The last restoration took place in 1994. Due to the maintenance work of the Lutheran Church, the tool will undergo the entire maintenance process again, which should take about 24 months.

Pipe Organ of St. Paul the Apostle Cathedral

With 862 tubes, the device was built by the Faber & Greve factory (Salzhemmendorf, Hanover, Germany), in 1926. It also features its original air drag with shovel with leather diaphragm drive system. It features two keyboards with 56 notes each and a pedal with 30 notes each. He was a member of the Old Mother Church, and was installed in the new cathedral, today, by master organist Siegfried Schurley. Opened for Easter Mass in 1927, it has 15 records and seven delivery kits. After years of hiatus, due to the need for restoration, it was just so and now it is again at the disposal of the community.

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