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Blue lobsters are caught by a fisherman in the United States

Blue lobsters are caught by a fisherman in the United States

A fisherman was struck by a jackpot when he caught a blue lobster in Maine (USA). Blake Haas, 27, told US magazine Newsweek that he had never seen a “bright and beautiful” lobster before and dumped it into the sea. This was the second time he achieved this feat.

In a video posted on TikTok, he said, “Check out what we just discovered: a blue lobster. I researched the odds of finding them are 1 in 2 million, they are very rare.”

After the post’s success, he shared a sequence confirming that he had “restored” the shellExecutive Director Back to the ocean.

A hunter for 10 years, this blue lobster is the most beautiful he’s ever seen, but it’s not the first.

“I’ve never seen blue lobsters so bright or so beautiful. We can see lobsters now and then with a slight tinge of blue on their paw or tail, but that’s it. It’s the first time I’ve seen all of this blue! Beautiful.”

Haas says he caught blue lobsters again, but not in a colorful form like this. “What I got 10 years ago wasn’t blue like this. That’s why I was so excited. This is probably one of the most beautiful blues and whites I’ve ever seen.”

Although it is a rare encounter, Hass Hoping to get a chance to find another animal like that again. “I hope to find other blue lobsters, but they are so rare that you only hear about one catch every now and then. I know many friends and older fishermen who have been fishing for longer than I have and have never caught blue lobsters, so I feel lucky to catch That sure is!”

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Haas admits that he imagined how the blue lobsters would be cooked, but chose a different fate: “Maybe they can breed and produce more blue lobsters, so let’s leave them.”