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Blue Box Game Studios' Hasan Kahraman From Abandoned Post Video Says He's Not Hideo Kojima

Blue Box Game Studios’ Hasan Kahraman From Abandoned Post Video Says He’s Not Hideo Kojima

The Blue Box Game Studios conspiracy may have come to an end thanks to a new video posted on the developer’s own Twitter account, proving that Hasan Kahraman is someone who exists. It’s not Hideo Kojima. He is not associated with Hideo Kojima. He is not working on it the silent Hill.

“Hello everyone, this is Hassan Kahraman,” Kahraman said in a 42-second video. “I just wanted to make a really quick video to show that I’m a real person,” he says.

Kahraman’s video comes to BLUE BOX Game Studios account about a week after Conspiracy theories spread, convinced that the independent developer is Hideo Kojima, and that his game, abandoned, it could be new the silent Hill.

“Yes, I’m not really related to Hideo Kojima. I’m not an actor. I don’t work the silent Hill‘, he says, debunking the persistent rumors. ‘I just wanted to show you my face and that I’m real.’

Kahraman continues to express his desire for a full Q&A session soon, with a promise to talk more about Abandoned and BLUE BOX Game Studios.

.’s app abandoned With the trailer playing in real time on PS5, set to release on Friday, June 25.

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