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Bloodborne cut the underground library from the final release

Bloodborne cut the underground library from the final release

Even after nearly ten years since its release, Bloodborne continues to reveal amazing secrets. A video this week showed off several pieces of content from the final version of the game, which includes an underground library directly tied to the Byrgenwerth Arch.

The excerpt was recorded by renowned designer Lance MacDonald and shows what an expansive scenario it was like behind the game's physics. Initially, the area will be accessed after the Hunter arrives at Aoidon Church and shortly before the confrontation with Vicar Amelia.

Redeemable content from Bloodborne has been moved to a smaller area

According to the video, the area will include documents found on the table at the entrance to the church and in Oidun's tomb, where the Sack Man first appears. After that, you'll have to walk around the entire map and open a series of shortcuts.

The library is located in a corner that is impossible to find in the final version of Bloodborne. MacDonald used a Japanese demo to show more details about the area, revealing that there will initially be a staircase leading to the secret area.

In the video below, you can see that the library has incomplete features, especially regarding textures. Later, the underground space became the small office between Gascoigne Square and Oydon Church Hall. paying off:

Bloodborne is available for PS4. The game can be played for free by PS Plus Extra/Deluxe subscribers.