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Black priest sues police for arresting him after watering flowers

Black priest sues police for arresting him after watering flowers

Reverend Michael Jennings, a black man, sued three white police officers in Alabama, US, in federal court after he was arrested while watering a neighbor’s flowers in Childersburg. According to the Associated Press, the religious leader has also filed a lawsuit against the municipality.

In the lawsuit, Jennings alleges that the episode in May this year violated her constitutional rights and caused ongoing problems, including emotional distress and worry.

“I’m here to make an account and I’m here to get justice,” the 56-year-old priest said at a press conference yesterday, accompanied by lawyers.

Jennings’ defense alleges that the actions of Officers Christopher Smith, Justin Gabel, Sergeant Jeremy Brooks, and the city violated rights that protect against unlawful arrest and guarantee freedom of speech. The pastor cited many ongoing problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder and humiliation.

The police were called by another neighbor

According to the Associated Press, Michael Jennings was arrested after a white neighbor called police and said a “younger black man” and a model car SUV cars Golden was in a house while his owners – who are friends with Jennings and have asked him to keep an eye on their house – were out.

The man identified himself as “Reverend Jennings” but refused to give his identity to the officers who arrested him for obstructing government operations after a 20-minute altercation.

A formal indictment was filed by the pastor in the municipality within days at the request of the then chief of police.

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