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Black glasses?  Candidate IA will contest as an MP in the United Kingdom;  understand

Black glasses? Candidate IA will contest as an MP in the United Kingdom; understand

Among the hundreds of candidates on the ballot for the UK parliamentary elections, one face – or an avatar – stands out: AI Steve. It is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, designed by entrepreneur Steve Endacott.

“We’re starting a party, and after the election we’re going to nominate more AI candidates across the country, and we see this as the start of something bigger and more democratic,” Endacott told Reuters.

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Neural voice company Entacot, which runs its artificial intelligence alter ego, said the motivation for creating AI Steve was frustration with the “politics of default”. So, he decided to run as an independent candidate for the Brighton Pavilion district in the south coast city.

“AI Steve” can chat with locals in real-time on issues ranging from LGBT rights and housing to garbage collection and immigration. According to the businessman, Esteve presents policy ideas before hearing his recommendations.

“We use AI in so many (areas), at work, in social interactions, why not put it in politics?” said Eona Johnson, a 23-year-old social worker who met “AI Steve” near Brighton’s famous docks. “It will change the way we live.”

According to The Telegraph, Endacott has announced that he will run for parliament if AI Steve wins the July 4 election. According to him, the policies created by the chatbot will be enforced and members can navigate these policies by talking to the chatbot online.

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According to the Election Commission, there is nothing in the Electoral Act regarding how candidates or MPs can obtain voter feedback, including the use of AI.

On a question about AI Steve, the election watchdog said that if AI Steve wins, Endacott will be an MP and not an artificial intelligence version of him.