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Birth of the Observatory of Apparitions associated with the Virgin Mary

An observatory of mystical apparitions and phenomena associated with the figure of the Virgin Mary has been set up at the Pontifical Mariana International Academy (PAMI), with the aim of analyzing and interpreting different cases.

He goes. Grazielle Rigotti, ASCJ – Vatican News

Apparitions, tears, as well as invocations, penitences, and other mystical phenomena associated with Our Lady are seen and studied throughout the world. For this reason, an observatory has been set up to analyze both those that are in progress and those that have already taken place, but are still awaiting clearance from the Church regarding their authenticity.

The specific objective of the Observatory is to “provide concrete support for the study, documentation and correct publication of such events, in constant harmony with the ecclesiastical authority, the competent authorities and the standards in force by the Holy See on the subject,” he explains. the father. Stefano Sitchin (Ofm), President of PAMI (Pontifical International Marian Academy). The observatory will work in a systematic, strategic, interdisciplinary and qualified manner, as well as in collaboration with specialists, researchers, high-ranking figures in the scientific field and ecclesiastical authorities. It is important to clarify, because the letters often generate confusion, spreading alarming apocalyptic scenarios or even accusations against the Pope and the Church. How can Mary, Mother of the Church, undermine her integrity or sow fear and resistance, who is the Mother of Mercy and Queen of Peace? It requires proper preparation.

The observatory has a steering committee and a central science committee. It includes the first, in addition to Fr. Stefano Cecchin and his confrere, Br. sechin. Marco Mendoza, Secretary of PAMI, Sister Daniela del Gaudio, Professor of Ecclesiology and Marsology at the various Pontifical Athenaeums (PUA, PUSC, APRA, Seraphicum) as Director, and Father Rafael de Moro, of the Friars Minor Monasteries, Dean of the Pontifical Theological College “São Boaventura “who edited Dictionary of Christian Mystical Phenomena as cum ed.

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The Central Scientific Committee includes Fr. Gian Matteo Roggio, Missionary of Our Lady of La Salette, Counselor of PAMI and Professor of the Pontifical College of Theology Marianum, and the Rector of the same University, Fr. Denis Colande Sami, of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary, specialist in Mariology Fr. Salvatore M. Perella, also of the same order , and Luciano Rigolo, co-editor of Familia Cristiana and Maria Conte magazines, and Paolo Cancelli, a lawyer specializing in the protection of vulnerable people from the crime of evasion.

In addition, local scientific committees will soon be established, according to the logic of an operational network that can increasingly expand its scope. The observatory, which will officially start its activity with its first meeting on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the Academy’s headquarters, will also be able to attend and work “in the field” according to needs or requests for support.

Father Chikin concludes that the objective of the observatory is also to “work efficiently and reach, activate national and international committees to evaluate and study reported mystical apparitions and phenomena in different regions of the world, and to promote modernization and training activities on these types of events and their multiple spiritual and cultural meanings, and to promote awareness-raising and counseling activities High-profile, especially in the service of local churches and bishops, but also interdisciplinary research activities in conjunction with academic institutions, both secular and ecclesiastical, and the publication of the results of the research carried out.