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Biopsy confirms melanoma in Biden;  The White House says the tissue was removed

Biopsy confirms melanoma in Biden; The White House says the tissue was removed

The actor was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. The politician’s doctor reported that the skin affected by the cancer cells had been removed and his body was now free of any remaining cancer cells.

Brendan Smalowski/AFPUS President Joe Biden speaks about the nomination of Julie Sue to be US Secretary of Labor, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC.

president of the United States, Joe BidenHe had a common form of skin cancer. Confirmation came through a biopsy from a wound removed from the US president’s chest last month. It was a basal carcinoma. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s White House physician and assistant professional, issued a letter to press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre, in which he stated that the diagnosis was predictable and that “all precancerous tissues were successfully removed and the margins were free of any residual melanoma cells,” with no additional treatments required. For now, Biden will remain under “dermatological observation” and the area where the cancerous tissue was removed has satisfactorily recovered. “Basal cell carcinoma lesions do not tend to ‘spread’ or metastasize, as some more serious skin cancers, such as melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma, tend to do,” O’Connor explained. Initially, the lesion was removed from the head we In February, the White House announced that it would need a few days to test the fabric. Other examinations of the head, ears, eyes, nose and throat were normal. Many Republicans deemed him senile confused or unfit for office, and neurological tests found no evidence of stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease. Biden is currently 80 years old and the number will increase on November 20th.

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* Contains information from Reuters