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Biometrics fail and create a perfect scenario for a coup

Biometrics fail and create a perfect scenario for a coup

The wave involving scams and virtual scams of various kinds has caused concern around the world, but especially among Brazilian users. This is because attacks where criminals invade mobile phones and access various applications, such as banking services, are common and leave victims with such loss.

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Apparently, this nightmare is not over yet, as scammers have found a new way to gain access to devices, especially Android ones with biometric unlocking system. See how it works!

New biometric scam

researchers in Digital security A fatal flaw has been found in the fingerprint biometric system of Android mobile phones. Who called BrutePrintcan be practiced thanks to the named vulnerabilities zero days. This kind of defect is not known by the developer company until the time hackers and professionals find out the error to fix it.

Although the patch is not made, the criminals circumvent all the protection features and try several times to block the smartphone using fingerprint until you reach a successful attempt. Once in the cell phone, the criminals view all of the victim’s personal information and log into the apps.

The result of this research, by scientists from Zhejiang University in China, was based on a series of tests conducted using ten models. The devices used are: Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra; Galaxy S10+; Huawei P40; OnePlus 7 Pro; In addition to the iPhone SE and iPhone 7. It passed all the evaluations, but only Apple phones were not unlocked with simulated attacks.

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The researchers explained that practicing fraud requires technical knowledge to exploit all the flaws that may exist in the system. In addition, according to them, it is possible to reduce the number of blocking attempts so that Invade It is facilitated without numerous attempts.

The expert advice to protect yourself is to leave all remote lock features turned on. This can be a strategy for formatting a cell phone if it is stolen or hacked. Limiting the number of fingerprints registered can also be a good way to make it more difficult for fraudsters to act.