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Biggest news on RedeTV!, Encrenca is experiencing a cast breakup and recast · TV News

Biggest news on RedeTV!, Encrenca is experiencing a cast breakup and recast · TV News

Biggest audience on RedeTV!, comedian Encrenca It has completely lost its main crew and will undergo a makeover. According to the information published on Monday (20), the latest version led by Tatula Judas, Deniz Motta, Ricardinho Mendonca and Angelo Campos will be shown next Sunday (26), and the station is working on the new version of the program.

We spoke to Amilcare [Dallevo] and Marcelo [de Carvalho]And they understand our position. In an interview with journalist Flavio Rico, of R7, Godas said, “I think we’ve done our homework well, always positioning the show as the one with the highest views on the entire network.

NS The presenter indicated that the group is leaving the announcer “Through the same door I entered” and that the career of the actors has not yet been determined: “Our lives are already a little out of there. Now, calmly, let’s decide the future. Some possibilities are under consideration.”

wanted by the news, RedTV! Confirmed the departure of the main cast and the reworking of the attraction. “A lot of news will be announced for Encrenca in the next few days,” the channel said.

An alternative to Panic on TV (2003-2012), Encrenca featured pranks and funny videos from social networks. After a few months with low ratings, the show won RedeTV viewers! And she became the largest audience for the broadcaster.

Check out the note from RedeTV!:

RedTV! We thank the members of the successful and happy seven-year partnership, and we wish you well in your new career challenges. Several news will be announced at Encrenca in the coming days.”

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