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Biden Unveils New Order to Protect American Abortion Rights

Biden Unveils New Order to Protect American Abortion Rights

The executive order requests funds to fund women’s travel to states where the practice is permitted

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday (August 3, 2022) signed a new executive order expanding federal protections for abortion in the country.

This 2nd Order issued by the White House Since the repeal of the US Supreme Court, at the end of June, the The Judiciary interpreted this practice as constitutional. Women’s health and lives are at stake.”, Biden said. Here it is Just like that (70 KB).

The directive was signed during the inaugural meeting of a US government-created task force on women’s reproductive health. Requests authorization by the U.S. Department of Health to use funds from the Medicaid program — aimed at families and low-income individuals — to finance the transportation of women who want to travel to states where abortion is allowed.

The order also directs Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to provide health care providers with technical information and legal guidance to assist with abortion care.

On Tuesday (August 2), a referendum was held to remove abortion protections from the state constitution. Rejected in Kansas. The result was seen as a significant victory for defenders of the right in America – often associated with Democrats.

Voters made it clear that politicians should not interfere with women’s fundamental rights, Biden said. According to him, the population of the state was sent Powerful signal The issue will be a major topic in midterm elections scheduled for November.

The American people will vote to preserve and protect their rights and refuse to let politicians take them away.Biden said.

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