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Biden says Trump's slogan is 'the most radical organization' in the United States

Biden says Trump’s slogan is ‘the most radical organization’ in the United States

The U.S. president criticized the Republican economic position and the Supreme Court’s abortion bill

President of the United States, Joe BidenSaid That slogan The magician (Make America better again), Used in the election campaign of former President Donald Trump “The most serious organization” From the country. The report was released during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday (May 4, 2022).

“It simply came to our notice then It is, in fact, the most radical political organization in American history, in recent American history.Biden told reporters.

“Make America Better Again” It was the motto of Trump’s 2016 election campaign. The term was already used by Republican Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

Biden also stated his personal economic position “Completely different from what GOP offers today”. He was referring to Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott Given in the month February one “11-Point Plan to Recover America”.

Scott’s plan –That was one of the points for raising the income tax for low-income Americans – which had already been rejected by members of Congress, with votes against Republicans.

“Florida Senator Rick Scott … he released what he calls the Ultra Magic agenda. This is Macau’s agenda.”Biden said. “Let me tell you about this ultra-magic agenda. It’s as serious as most maga things.”he said.

The digital newspaper published the news in that interview politico.com, Biden also commented on the draft version The statement by Samuel Alito, Minister of the Conservative Division of the Court, called for the abolition of the right to abortion in the country. Here it is As it is Report written on February 10 (12.8 MB, in English).

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To do Mr. President, this decision will affect the fundamental rights of Americans. “What if states change the law so that LGBTI children cannot be in the classroom with other children?”Biden asked. “Is this correct in the way the results are written? What’s next for attack? ”He added.