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Biden is ’embarrassed’ and ‘seems unfit’ and must surrender to keep Democrats’ chance at White House, New York Times says in new editorial | US Elections 2024

Biden is ’embarrassed’ and ‘seems unfit’ and must surrender to keep Democrats’ chance at White House, New York Times says in new editorial | US Elections 2024

New York Times editorial on Joe Biden – Image: Reproduction/New York Times

In a scathing editorial, The New York Times once again defended the need for US President Joe Biden (Democrat) to abandon his bid for re-election. – In which Republican Donald Trump will compete, on November 5.

Editorials are texts in which news organizations express their opinions on a particular topic. Tuesday (9) The American newspaper says that Biden is “embarrassing himself” and “jeopardizing his legacy” by maintaining his nomination and “appearing unfit” for a new term.. He is 81 years old, and if he wins, he will end his second term at the age of 86.

The New York Times editorial stated the following:

  • Democratic politicians “who want to defeat Trump” should “speak plainly” to Biden until he surrenders;
  • He cites research that says 74% believe a Democrat is too old to serve another term;
  • Biden’s Resistance ‘Threatens to Hand Victory to Trump’: “they [democratas] They need to tell Biden that he is embarrassing himself and putting his legacy at risk.”
  • He says that a Trump victory that is “unfit for the presidency” would endanger democracy, and that there is still time to convince voters of this: “But Democrats will have a hard time… as long as their representative is a man who also seems unfit to serve as president for the next four years,” the newspaper says.
  • Finally, the newspaper says: Biden “seems to have lost track of his role in this national drama” because he wants to stay in the race. “He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s the problem now — and that Democrats’ best hope of keeping the White House is for him to step down.”
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The American research aggregator 538.com indicates that Trump is chosen by 42.1% of voters; Biden has 39.9%.

Yves Herman/Reuters – Photo: Biden on Tuesday, at a ceremony to mark NATO’s 75th anniversary

“We have 42 days until the Democratic Convention and 119 days until the general election,” Biden said in the letter distributed by his re-election campaign. “Any lack of resolve or clarity about the task ahead of us will only help Trump and hurt us. It is time for us to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump.”

Democratic members of Congress also met on Tuesday to discuss Biden’s situation.The president has won the support of some parliamentarians, although no consensus has been reached yet, according to a report by Agence France-Presse.

Biden is committed to serving a second full term if re-elected, his spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said. The second term ends in 2028, when the Democrat turns 86.

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