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Betim City Hall presents details of the pitch offer submitted to Cruzeiro

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Studio Betim’s project was presented to Cruzeiro managers on June 21

The City Council of Betim presented, Monday (27), the proposal sent to Cruzeiro, on the last day 23, for the partnership of the management of the stadium to be built in the city of the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte. According to the document, Raposa has 60 days to express interest in the “business”.

In the plan, the municipal administration is committed to making possible the construction of a development project with an area of ​​50,000,000 square meters, on an area of ​​97,261,000 square metres. In addition, the City Council will also carry out all phases of land licensing and work, in addition to making any necessary interventions in the stadium perimeter.

The company responsible for construction will also be responsible for performing maintenance on site, according to the LOI. The total cost of the works on the stadium is estimated at 450 million Brazilian Real. Cruzeiro, in turn, does not need to invest its own resources.

The City of Betim has also made it clear that the new arena will be available to the managing company (which has not yet been announced) for 310 days a year. Raposa will have priority in space exploration for another 55 days.

The stadium will accommodate 46,000 spectators, with the possibility of expanding it to 50,000 seats.

Meeting with the Celestial Council

Cruzeiro Summit met in Betim Town Hall, last Tuesday (21), to get acquainted with the initial project. The club’s CEO, Gabriel Lima, General Secretary Alexandre Kobra and Chief Financial Officer Rafael Viana participated on behalf of the club.

The board declared at the meeting that Cruzeiro is entitled to 80% of the net income from all sporting events that take place at the new stadium. However, according to the statement released on Monday, the club’s share of the box office will be slightly lower: from 70% to 80%.

Cruzeiro is in trouble with the Minas Arena, who is responsible for managing Mineiro. The club is negotiating better terms for playing its matches in Gigante da Pampulha and is not ruling out finding a new home.

Read the full statement:

“On the 23rd, the Betim City Council sent to the Secretary General of the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube / SAF, Alexandre Kobra, a letter of intent to build a multi-purpose plaza in the city. The development of 50,000 thousand square meters, in an area of ​​​​97,261 thousand square meters, as well as the implementation of all phases of land licensing and work In addition to making the necessary interventions in the vicinity of the stadium.

The city council is also obligated to search for partners interested in construction, who will have to bear the structure and expenses related to the upkeep of the space.

Also according to the document, the multi-purpose arena will be available for 310 days a year to hold events for the benefit of the project manager. In the proposal, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube/SAF would have priority right to explore the arena for the remaining 55 annual days. In addition, the club is entitled to receive between 70% and 80% of the net income from sporting events organized by the club.

The multi-purpose arena will accommodate 46,000 people. The letter of intent provides for a period of 60 days for Cruzeiro Esporte Clube/SAF to express its interest in the proposal.”

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