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Starfield wishes a happy 2022 with their new Bethesda satellite image

Bethesda’s new era can finally begin with Xbox

Microsoft announced its acquisition of Bethesda in 2020, but the purchase was only completed in March of the following year, and since there are several bureaucratic stages, rituals must be followed and this usually takes a long time. In addition, there are contracts concluded with other companies that must be respected under pain of high fines.

In light of this, even though we’ve been aware of this acquisition for some time, Xbox users are still waiting to reap these rewards. Remember, in this period, Bethesda released two games, both timed exclusives on Playstation: Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo was Bethesda’s last PlayStation exclusive for obvious reasons, and it launched last week. As of now, Microsoft/Bethesda is free to focus on developing branded Xbox and PC games.

On this subject Klopril said the following:

Congratulations to Tango Gameworks on today’s release[25/03] From Ghostwire Tokyo!

Today also falls Beginning of a new era for Bethesda As a whole, with Ghostwire Tokyo it is the latest new title with contractual obligations attached to other consoles. Next up: Redfall and Starfield for Xbox.

Now, the next fruits we’ll get will be Redfall and Starfield which we already know will be Xbox exclusives on consoles and will be released directly on Xbox Game Pass.

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It takes time to develop great games, contractual obligations must be fulfilled, but time is running out and Bethesda can finally devote itself fully to its development. new family.