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BeReal: Discover the social network that shows the "honest" side of people - Tecnologia

BeReal: Discover the social network that shows the “honest” side of people – Tecnologia

On BeReal, you can post no more than one post per day (Photo: clone/BeReal)

Imagine a social network where there are no filters and retouching and where you can only post once a day and only have two minutes to take your photo. This is the BeReal app that appeared in France in 2020. The “honest” social network attracted the attention of users all over the world and won the most downloaded app in the United States.

In March, BeReal reached the 10 million daily active user mark worldwide. In the same month last year, there were just over 100,000, according to the app. In the last 28 days, considering only Android users, approximately 413.1 thousand BeReal downloads were made from the Play Store in Brazil. In the second quarter of this year, the country already became the third country with the highest growth in downloads, with an increase of 2803.3% compared to the previous quarter.

Registration is very simple: you have to put your name, date of birth and phone number. The app will send a confirmation code to your device, and after entering this number, you choose your username. Hence you are already free to use the social network.

The application also runs without a password. Once a day, all users receive a notification from BeReal, at a random time. When you click on the message, your camera opens and you have two minutes to record what’s happening. Recording is done by the front and back cameras of the cell phone. You can only see your friends’ photos after you submit your post.

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The network also has a “RealMoji” feature, with which you can respond to other users’ posts by taking a photo that simulates an emoji.

RealMoji resource
RealMoji allows the user to simulate emojis in response to posts (Photo: clone/BeReal)

BeReal’s success upsets competitors

With the success of BeReal, TikTok decided to launch a new app called TikTok Now. The app was launched last Thursday (15/9) in the US and has already arrived in Brazil. In it, the user is invited to share unique routine moments, without filtering or editing.

The social network sends a notification once per day, at the time of publication. When a user clicks on the message, they have three minutes to take a 10-second photo or video using the front and back cameras. Like BeReal, TikTok Now only allows a user to view friends’ posts if they shared a photo or video that day.

Meanwhile, Instagram is testing a new functionality similar to BeReal and TikTok Now. Candid Challenges, in Portuguese, is called honest challenge and the novelty also gives users two minutes to post a photo with front and back camera without any kind of filters.

Currently, Instagram already has the “dual” feature, where you can record content with both cameras at the same time. The feature was released after the growth of BeReal.

In the ‘double’ ad, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, also mentioned other features coming to the platform, such as video integration, templates, and improvements to the remix functionality.