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Bentley has been named the UK’s best employer by Best Employers

Bentley has been named the UK’s best employer by Best Employers

The British luxury brand has been chosen once again Best employers company Top employer in the UK for the 12th time. continuous time.

In another year that proved challenging for many companies, Bentley praised the company’s approach to employee well-being, values, ethics and integrity, and the brand’s focus on sustainability, digitalisation, diversity and inclusion.

The award is based on an extensive business analysis that highlighted Bentley’s innovative and compelling approach and the brand’s own progressive strategic aspirations for the future.

“Our employees have been at the heart of our business for more than 100 years, so we’re incredibly proud to receive a Best Employer award once again. The luxury movement is sustainable for the next 100 years, so we can develop, retain and attract the best talent to help us on this path.”Karen Lange, member of HR at Bentley Motors, underlined in a statement.

It is recalled that Bentley will launch five electric models from 2025, thereby accelerating its electrification program aimed at making the British brand carbon neutral by 2030.

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