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Aston Villa will not be able to lead in the next matches due to a positive test for Gerard Covid-19 - 12/25/2021

Belgium concede a late goal in the Nations League and draw with Wales – 11/06/2022

Everything in the UK. Wales and Belgium clashed this Saturday League of Nations And a 1-1 draw at Cardiff City. The audience took the lead with the Tilemen, but the British equalized with Johnson.

With no goal in the first half, Belgium scored in the final five minutes. Trossard made a play on the right and played for the Tailmens who rolled the bat. The midfielder came up with the first strike and scored a beautiful goal.

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At the end of the match, without the need for a goal, Wales went on the attack and were rewarded. After recovering the ball in the middle, Ramsay gave it to Johnson, who knocked down goalkeeper Castells, leaving everything as it was.

As a result, Belgium reached four points and are second in Group 4 of League A. Wales, on the other hand, are still undefeated, but have now won their first point in the national team competition.

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Wales and Belgium return to the Nations League next Tuesday. The British face Holland out of the house, while the Red Devils stay out of the house and stick to Poland.

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