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Beija-Flor float lights a fire before entering Sapucaí | Carnival 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

A fire affects part of the car wing of Pega Fleur

Shortly before Beija-Flor de Nilópolis entered Sapucaí, still in frame, on Avenida Presidente Vargas, The shooting of a buoy sparked moments of intense tensionMonday night (20).

The fire reached the top of the allegory, where there was a silhouetted man. Firefighters on standby at Sambódromo were soon able to bring the fire under control, spraying water with a hose.

Beija-flor float blazing in the frame

The highlight near the fire was Edson Gouveia, who has been parading since 2017 in Beija-Flor. He was not injured, he was transported safely.

“I’m fine,” Edson said, “I’ll undress, but first I’ll talk to my wife.”

Soon after, he returned to the car to follow the show to the end.

“It’s all right,” says the Beija-Flor member who was in a car that caught fire

When the car got into Sapucaí, there was a lot of applause in Sector 1.

Impact sparks may have caused a fire

The platform in which the distinction was made had two effects: Cold smoke and firewhich formed sparksReaching the splendor of an Avatar made of nylon faux feathers.

“I was against it,” he told g1, “but I was voted out.”

Beija-Flor members remove the costume of Edson Gouveia, a member who was on top of the float – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/g1

Firefighters accompanied the car to the end

The Rio de Janeiro State Military Fire Brigade stated, in a statement, that the outbreak “was immediately extinguished by the team of soldiers who carried out prevention operations in the area where the samboderomo was concentrated” and that no one was hurt.

The text reads: “As a precaution, firefighters monitored the float along the Marquis de Sapucay’s path.”

Fire in the Beija-Flor suite car – Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

Beija-Flor members remove the costume of Edson Gouveia, a member who was on top of the float – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/g1

The Beija-Flor caught fire in the tire – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/g1

Firefighters get into the car that started a tire fire – Image: Marcos Serra Lima/g1

a Beija-Flor car catching fire in the tire; Revelers removed – Photo: Stephanie Rodriguez/J1

Foliã calls for ingredients to the Beija-Flor car that caught fire – Photo: Stephanie Rodrigues/g1

Firefighters put out a fire with a Beija-Flor. Revelers get back in the car – Photo: Stephanie Rodriguez/G1

Hummingbird wing spreader ablaze in frame – Image: Cristina Boeckel/g1

Car fire in Beija-Flor – Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

A member is removed from a Pegasus car that caught fire – Photo: g1

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