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Behind the scenes of Corinthians' victory, Chesiu has an emotional and beautiful gesture by the goalkeeper

Behind the scenes of Corinthians’ victory, Chesiu has an emotional and beautiful gesture by the goalkeeper

Last Sunday, Corinthians beat Flamengo 1-0 in the Brazilian Championship. After the victory, as is customary in club communications, Timão took to social media to reveal the traditional behind-the-scenes video, reporting everything that happened while the ball wasn’t rolling in the Neo Química Arena.

The material also displays tributes to two Corinthians players, as well as a lovely gesture from goalkeeper Cassio upon the delegation’s arrival on the field. The video is not provided by the club, but can be viewed on the Universo SCCP app – Click here to download.

Before the ball rolls!

The first scene of the video, when the language of the chronology was adopted, indicated a beautiful gesture from goalkeeper Cassio. In his first steps on the field, the 12 jersey individually helped a visually impaired fan, who still had the opportunity to interview his idol.

In the changing rooms, the first moments are comfortable for Corinthians players. Before the ball rolls, in physical therapy activities, athletes are shown listening to music and playing games with each other.

The fun soon gave way to two tributes. President Duilio Montero Alves and Director of Football Roberto de Andrade took the floor to honor left-back Fabio Santos at the start over his 300 appearances at the club.

“Today, Fábio has completed 300 matches, and for me it is a pleasure. He arrived with us at the beginning of 2011 and (plays) 300 matches, he left a little bit, but he came back and, as it is, a few hundred more are coming,” said Duelio, who interrupted him The left-back briefly joked with the board about the possibility of contract renewal.

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Then the honor turned to goalkeeper Cassio. It is worth noting that the archer from Timão completed 600 matches for the club precisely in the victory over Flamengo.

“A giant, once again. 600 games, it is a pleasure to be with you, for your history, for the titles you have won and you will win. Let it begin with victory today, it is just a gratitude to you,” said the president, who soon then presented Cassio with a commemorative jersey.

Before the players entered the field, it was the number 12 who called the word to motivate his teammates. Still in the tunnel, the archer asked Corinthians to impose on the home team.

“Imposing. What we did on Wednesday, we have to bring, the conquest, everything we did on the field, we competed and we fought. Don’t confuse humility. We have to run from the first minute,” Cassio told the group.

To get excited!

After the victory, goalkeeper Cassio got very close on the way from the grass to the dressing room. Initially, the archer was greeted with a warm embrace by the technical committee and followed his way onto the pitch accompanied by coach Vitor Pereira.

The Portuguese even had a very short portion of his post-match speech published by Corinthians. In a low tone, the captain praised the team for the 90-minute delivery.

However, the important moment of the video comes in the last minutes. With a voice mingled with a little sobbing, Cassio spoke of the 600-game mark he had reached and his 11-year course in Corinthians.

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“Glory be to God for everything that has happened in my life. For all the blessings, the moments of struggle, when we have God, we have faith, work, things happen. I am so grateful to my family. Years with the club, 600 games, there are so many games I need to thank you for.” On praise and demands and trying to guide me to the way. The fans, my managers,” he said, of his career at the club.

“It is good that we are happy, things are happening, thank God for this great victory today, important to show the maturity of the team. We came from an unforgettable classification and were able to turn the key to this important game, to enter the first and return to the teams that lead the competition. Happy for the team but tomorrow is a day New to work and thinking about the next competition. We have a young team, but this showed maturity, adding, “We are gaining strength and we are all dedicated to the utmost.”

“I can’t help but remember that Fábio is completing 300 games. One of the best friends I’ve made in football, one of the people who would give his hand when we put our heads down, happy he beat 300 games today, he’s a very special guy for us and he has a lot of respect.” One of my best friends,” the guard concluded.

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