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Behind the Scenes: Fluminense shows Rodrigo Caillou's lock on Cazares' thigh |  Fluminense

Behind the Scenes: Fluminense shows Rodrigo Caillou’s lock on Cazares’ thigh | Fluminense

a Fluminense On Sunday he released a behind-the-scenes video of the 1-1 draw with Flamengo in the Maracana, in the first match of the Carioca 2021 final, in an attempt to spark a unique rebellion on social networks. see below:

How Cazares’ Thigh Was After Rodrigo Caio Joins Fla-Flu – Photo: Childbirth / FluTV

The movement in question occurred in the 44th minute of the second half. Referee foul Alexandre Vargas Tavares de Jesus on the field and applied only a yellow card to Rodrigo Caillou. The video referee of the match was Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga.

Behind the scenes, Fluminense also showed the locker room atmosphere after the match and part of Roger Machado’s speech. The coach congratulated the players and encouraged them to play without fear against favoritism, showed confidence in the title and promised:

Roger Machado in Fluminense’s dressing room after the Carioca Final – Photo: Clone / Flu TV

We wouldn’t do the first two halves the way we did twice. What was missing was the calmness to put the ball on the ground. Our team has the qualities of non-surrender, toughness, as is the magic of the club, but we have to put the ball on the ground and play. Football overcomes the difficulties of the game, it plays. Sometimes we give up a little bit of the game to fight for the match, and it plays.

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Congratulations to those who started and who entered. This is evidence that we are with a strong group. Everyone who goes well and helps us overcome the adversities of the game. Everyone has been left weary, everyone has given their power on the field There’s still nothing left for next week.

The second and final match of the decision against Flamengo will take place next Saturday, 9:05 pm (Brasilia time), in Maracana. Before that, however, Roger Machado Junior Barranquilla’s side from Colombia receive this Tuesday at 21.30 (from Brasilia), also in Maracana, giving Tricolor a place in the Libertadores Round of 16 – enough a draw.