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Be careful, you might be spied on and not know it

Be careful, you might be spied on and not know it

The cell phone is no longer just a communication device and has started to store many sensitive and personal information of people. Many do not use their wallet with documents, money and cards anymore, because everything is on their smartphone. Therefore, some criminals use some kind of spying application to try to monitor and steal victims’ data.

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In the USA, it is estimated that 63% of cell phones are infected with some kind of spy application. The data refers to a survey conducted between 2020 and 2021. In the UK, the use of gender programming has grown by an incredible 93% in the same period.

What is a spy app anyway?

A spy app, also known as spyware, is software that can monitor a person’s activities on a cell phone. It can be used legally by companies and parents who want to monitor children’s activity, for example. However, there are people who use this type of software to monitor what their partners do, for example.

This type of software can collect information about location, messages, calls, audio, and even video from a cell phone’s camera. The application must be manually installed on the cell phone or by illegal phishing practice.

The spying app is not available on official mobile app stores and hence it is usually downloaded on Android, as iOS does not allow installation of third-party apps.

How do you know if your cell phone is being spied on?

It is not easy to know if your cell phone is being monitored incorrectly. However, it is important to pay attention to some details, such as:

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1 – check all installed applications;

2 – Check the permissions required by the applications, especially those that allow access to the camera, photos and microphone;

3 – Watch the internet battery and data consumption and note if there is anything strange;

4 – Notice if your messages appear as read without being read;

5 – Check if the camera and microphone icons are shown as active without being in use.

Each of these tips can be an indication that your cell phone has a spy app. In this case, the best thing to do is to backup your key files and reset your phone.