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BBB23 Participants will be confined to a glass house inside a shopping mall TV news

BBB23 Participants will be confined to a glass house inside a shopping mall TV news

a BBB 23 starts on January 16thAnd the news of the season is already starting to come out. Ana Maria Braga announced on Friday (16), during Mais Você, that the reality show will again see the participants in a glass house, which this time will be inside a shopping mall.

For the first time, the brothers chosen for the dispute will enter the venue before the start of the program, according to the presenter. The dynamics should follow the same style as in previous years, with the audience selecting the participants to enter the reality headquarters and officially follow the game.

According to an official note from Globo, whoever is chosen by viewers will have a crucial role in the final team of residents at BBB 23. It is not yet known what this role will be and how many people will be involved in the dynamics of Glass House. The mall and city where the house will be located were also not disclosed.

Check out Globo’s official post on the subject:

The most recent greenhouses were held in the 2020 and 2022 editions of the BBB. Two years ago, it was set up inside a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro, after the program started, and the participants received a lot of information from the audience about what was happening in the attraction. Daniel Lienhardt and Ivy Moraes won the most votes to enter the reality show, and their participation has changed the course of the game.

In 2022, the Glass House is a space within the official BBB headquarters, in the area where the Academy is located. Gustavo Marcengo and Larissa Tomasia They also provided the participants with outside information and obtained the consent of the public to formally enter the program.

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In addition to the greenhouse, for 2023, BBB will again split between Popcorn and Camarote. Globo has already managed to beat the sales goal of program sponsorship and you will win Billion R$ in ads.