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BBB22: Two days after his disqualification, Luciano tests positive for Covid-19

BBB22: Two days after his disqualification, Luciano tests positive for Covid-19

Two days after being the first to be eliminated from theBBB22‘, Last Tuesday (25), now a famous former BBB and aspirant Luciano Estefan Tested positive for COVID-19 He was unable to participate in the “Fora da Casa” program presented by him Anna Clara Limain Gshow, this Thursday (27).

The teacher confirmed the same information, and justified the absence of the former brother from the attraction.

The day before, Wednesday (26), Luciano and Anna Clara already met in the Multishow “A Eliminação” that they present alongside Bruno Deluca.

There is no confirmation whether Luciano actually contracted Covid-19 while on the programme, and there is still no position from the broadcaster on whether other participants in the house will take new tests to see if they have been infected as well.

Later, Luciano’s Twitter executives confirmed that the ex-BBB and his girlfriend have Covid-19, but they are asymptomatic.

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