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BBB22: Natália takes action and tries to settle accounts with participants and hears: "Muggles enabled"

BBB22: Natália takes action and tries to settle accounts with participants and hears: “Muggles enabled”


The sister decided to “open the game” to the other participants

Photo: Gshow - Natalia at BBB22.
Photo: Gshow – Natalia at BBB22.

Last night, Friday (1), Natalia told Eliezer about her relationship with her godmothers. Moments after the explosion, sisters Giseilan and Lena find themselves in the living room of the most guarded house in the country and decide to “settle the score” with the two.

“I just talked there with Ellie that I’m afraid to hug and get hung up,” the sister began. “I told him I’m giving you room to breathe, even in the moment we lived so things would flow naturally. I don’t want it to look like I’m going away”Natalia said, about being far from godmothers.

The biology teacher agreed with her friend and explained her point: “I do too, but it’s not about not wanting to be around you. It’s more about how I feel even with everything that’s going on. I think that’s one of the most destabilizing things here. I told Lina that.” “When we love her so much, we have the confidence to say things, and we have the freedom to say things…”said Nat after hearing what Jesse had to say.

Lin da Quibrada decided to join the conversation.
“The more we like it, the more difficult it is. That is why our relationship has become so difficult and contradictory because we want to be close, together, but we feel overburdened. It is important that we take care of the relationship”Lina said, cutting the nail designer.
“certainly”Nat agreed.
“We’re here, you won’t be alone”The singer reassured.
“Yeah, but in this breath I end up getting away from everyone. There are the boys and you two are always together, and I take it and call him more”Natalia explained.
“Um…”Jesse agreed. ”
We are authorized Muggles,” Nat joked and the sisters agreed.