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BBB21: Juliet and FeiTube analyze the game, and a lawyer warns: "Your wall is near";  Watch!

BBB21: Juliet and FeiTube analyze the game, and a lawyer warns: “Your wall is near”; Watch!

There was very little left for the big final of the “Big Brother Brasil 21”, and while it might sound incredible, the Viih Tube was not a good fit for any wall and could count on the number of votes it got … However, even Allies realize YouTuber already that sooner or later, sister will need to face the hot seat. On Wednesday (21), Juliet sent the real participant about the following directions of the game.

In the living room, Vittoria, João Luiz, Juliet and Camilla de Lucas analyzed the potential consequences of the Wall of Tomorrow (22), with Arthur, Boca and the Geography Teacher. “If Pocah leaves and Arthur does not win the leader, he will really go to the end, because none of us, at least me, will not vote for a generation again,” The young economist who had been appointed reassured the last vacant seat.

The attorney concluded that, in this scenario, the cross player will always have the power to decide who to take him on the wall. “If they were the most voting, whoever wanted would always go. He ended up being the leader indirectly.”, He said. Vittoria has claimed that she has already spoken to Gilberto and Fuc, who have been his targets in recent weeks, and said she would be the second most voted home participant due to the two. So your wall is near if you don’t get the leaderJuliet warned. “I’m cool with this.”Viih Tube replied.

Yesterday (20), when Gilberto won the Leader’s Test, the crowd created high expectations to see Vittoria finally be nominated for the wall, because his brother had already expressed That intention. However, the economist came back and chose Pocah. “I was trying to follow a strategic line of trying to hire someone who had never seen it yet, but I cannot recommend Viih, there is something between us that I cannot explain, and I cannot. Unfortunately, with all the affection in the world, my recommendation would be Pocah.” justification.

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When the show ended, Vioc and Gilberto had a serious conversation in the store. The singer did not understand his friend’s decision to avoid Vitoria. “You open my eyes to the whole game and do for people what they are not doing for you … I listen to your advice and you”, He complained.

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“I saw that when it was time to play [na prova] Is he there [Viih Tube] I could have tried … she had the way, she could even make mistakes, but I saw that she didn’t … she intentionally cast her aside. I saw that she had purposely cast him aside. She looked at me and threw it aside. “Leader revealed. “Now I don’t know who I believe in anymore, she or you. Fei put you on the wall twice. Then you say I’m innocent.”Fabio Jr.’s son comments. “Oh, I’m doing everything wrong.”Pernambuco lamented.