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BBB21: Gilberto reveals that he does not want to be friends with Carol Konka and explains why he stopped pursuing another sister;  Watch

BBB21: Gilberto reveals that he does not want to be friends with Carol Konka and explains why he stopped pursuing another sister; Watch

What happened inBBB21Were you on “BBB21”? Almost that! In an interview with Blogueirinha, released yesterday (31) on “Difficult to Focus – Descancelados”, from Multishow YouTube channel, The King of Vitality Gilberto Nogueira, He talked about it all, but commented mainly on the relationship with colleagues in custody. According to him, the end of reality brought, in addition to popularity with the public, the end of friendship with the former sisters. Carol Konka e Viih tube. WL!

When asked by the presenter, he was going to speak to the Curitiba rapper after episode BBB 101, where all of the previous participants had met again – except Arcribano, Who was at the time recording “On the edgePernambucan denied this and did not speak when he indicated that, at present, he had no contact with Carol.

According to Gil, although he does not bear a grudge towards the artist, he does not want to approach the voice of “Delvio”, because of the information he received after showing the reality and not following it on social networking sites. “No, not at all. It has nothing to do with (Carroll’s) attack, she deserves respect, just that friendship that I don’t want.” Fired, honestly. After that, the king of Cachorada justified the decision, recalling one of the most critical moments in the house, which Konka herself caused.

“We’re kidding, but when I was in turmoil in that fight with Arthur and talked to Pocah who freed her from the wall, it bothered me so much, because it wasn’t a fight, it bothered me emotionally, I was bad that day, I was so bad that I wanted to leave the show. “, Jill said. “Inside the game it was a game, you know? So much so that, after all I did, I got to the room and asked to kiss me on my cheek. So, I think there is an end to the game.” She continued.

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The explosion didn’t stop there. “When I was inside, I found myself wrong the whole time, that I was hated, that I was crazy, that I was terrified, that I was wrong, that I had created things in my head. And I took it until the end of the match. And it is so bad that you spend almost three months thinking In that you are crazy, terrified, and that you have a psychological problem. I went out and discovered that it was not the case, that I was never wrong and that it was, in fact, evil. ”Northeast said. He even took the opportunity to send a message to Mamacita. “She deserves respect and she should continue her life here. It’s okay, but I don’t want friendship. Because I don’t want the bad guys around me.” is over.

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However, not only did the friendship with the singer end. Then, Gil do Vigor revealed that he also watched some reality scenes that made him rethink his proximity to Viih Tube. “When I left the program, I was bombarded with information, just as I stopped following [nas redes sociais]“, He said about the blonde.

Jill then remembered an episode after that Infamous discussion between Pernambuco and Pocah, Victoria spoke very badly of him. She sent firewood to me, and came later to collect me. When I told her in the “game of sedition” that she acted out of comfort, she came directly to say that she never spoke of me, and she came down from the wood behind my back. ” Leave it, disgusting.

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At the time, the presenter indicated that the former sister had been talking badly about the economist every day while in custody. Although he did not like Vitoria’s positions Older brotherJill insisted on leaving all of this behind. “He’s passed, they’re part of the game, and he’s in the game and we’re talking outside. If you are [no mesmo ambiente] I will say hello, good morning, good evening, I will smile, I will talk like this, good. I am not angry, I do not consider it in life, “ Resident.

However, Pernambucano stated that he would rather stay away from the blonde. “Just for friendship, to be friends, to go out together, no [quero]. I will not lie”, pointing to. The economist concluded his report by stating, moreover, that he could, yes, follow Vitoria again on social networks, only with commitments, and he ended up forgetting to do so. Oh really?

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Finally, Gil do Vigor commented on his friendship with Sarah Andrade And the champion of the version, Juliet. According to the ex-brother, he has good feelings for both of them, but the Brazilians will always be his closest friend. “Sarah is my first podium, my eternal love, Joe comes later, but also with the greatest love and great respect.” He said. When I alerted Blogueirinha it shouldn’t say it, as it will be “Canceled by Aloe Vera”, Nogueira was brief. “Oh my love, I’m kidding”, He shot Jill, with great strength and in a good mood. “My feeling for them is both sincere”, is over. Watch the full interview:

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