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BBB Wall 21: How to vote to eliminate Camilla, Gilberto or Juliet |  Internet

BBB Wall 21: How to vote to eliminate Camilla, Gilberto or Juliet | Internet

Whoever stands on the wall of BBB 21 is Camila De Lucas, Gilberto and Juliet. Voting is now open Gshow The results of the elimination will be announced in the Sunday edition of the program, after Fantástico. To ensure the permanence of a participant, it is necessary to vote by Request Or the website (gshow.com/bbb) and log in with the Globo Account. If you do not already have the credentials, you can register using the The social networking site Facebook, Act The Google Or with an email address.

The final wall of the Big Brother Brasil 21 before the Grand Final was decided by a resistance test worthy of immunity. Almost 11 hours later, Fiuk is the winner and takes the final place on the show. The remaining three participants were automatically isolated. Next, check out how to vote for BBB 2021 with Gshow. Note that it is possible to repeat voting as many times as the user wishes.

BBB Vote 2021: How to vote to exclude Camilla, Gilberto or Juliet from the game – Photo: Disclosure / Gshow

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How to vote for BBB 21 on Gshow

The first step. Access the Gshow page (gshow.com/bbb). Click on the picture of the featured participants to be redirected to the voting site;

Step 2. Check the image and select the name of the participant you want to remove from the house;

BBB 2021: The vote is the last in this version and one participant is canceled – Photo: Clone / TechTudo

Step 3. If you are not yet logged in to your Globo account, a window will appear asking for your credentials to continue voting. If you already have it, enter your username and password and click “Sign in”. If you are a new user, select “Register” and fill in the fields with your information. It is still possible to log in with data from Facebook or Google. Registration is free.

BBB Vote 21: Voting for Gshow could eliminate one of the brothers from the Final – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

Step 4. Select the option “I am human”, and if prompted, check the table as shown in the figure Captcha;

BBB 21 Vote: Stay tuned for captcha indicators when voting – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

Step 5. If you want to enter more votes, click “vote again”. It is not necessary to vote for the same participant.

Take advantage of tips to vote for BBB 21 and guarantee your favorite participants the final of the program, which takes place on Tuesday (4).

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