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BBB of fines: how the CET 'snitch' works in SP - 10/24/2021

BBB of fines: how the CET ‘snitch’ works in SP – 10/24/2021

Those who live in the city of São Paulo must have already come across the famous CET-SP sticky car. But some models have attracted attention with a novelty: a series of roof-mounted cameras that look like cars that google browser It is used to make pictures of maps.

These cars are a “wash” of Zona Azul parking spaces across town and operated by Estapar, a company that also manages parking spaces across town, since December 2020.

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Currently, the company has 80 vehicles that travel daily around the city. Most of them are installed on top of the units from Hyundai HB20But according to the company there are also Fiat Uno and Mobi, as well as Renault Kwid.

Their task is to inspect more than 53,000 parking spaces with Zona Azul in the city of São Paulo, which is divided into 68 sectors, identified by the names of neighborhoods.

Rooftop cameras use an optical character recognition (OCR) system, meaning they can recognize patterns of letters and numbers on car license plates, and are linked to GPS devices.

This data is sent to a real-time information center, which checks whether these cards are connected to the digital system for purchasing Zona Azul cards, as well as analyzes when the validated card has been used.

Each car has four roof-mounted cameras, diagonally facing the edges of the roof. In addition, there is a CET agent who is responsible for guiding the vehicle and providing explanations, for example, in the event passengers have stopped to get on or off.

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In this sense, the inspector is responsible, for example, to pass there again and make sure that this car has not stopped somewhere without the approval of the blue zone.

With this, if there are parked cars whose blue digital card has expired, or you are not using it, this data is sent to CET-SP, in this case, so that the equivalent fine is applied.

In this case, parking illegally in the spaces of the blue zone is a serious offense, which incurs 5 points on the national driver’s license (CNH) and a fine of 195.23 Brazilian riyals.

a report UOL . cars I asked Estapar about the estimated cost of each of the 80 inspection units operating across the city, but the company responded with a French-style exit on a note:

The value of each copy is the cost of the vehicle added to the value of the technology needed to implement the digital monitoring support process.”

Are there other oversight functions in the system?

Insofar as the same license plate reading (OCR) technology has been used, as is already the case with stationary cameras across town that also monitor stolen vehicles, with delayed documents, among other offenses, currently “vehicles” BBB“It’s only used for the blue zone, according to Estabar.

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